Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yippee.....Tim has fixed the camera...for now!

Addie and her "boyfriend", Grayson "playing hard" with Addie's toys.
We have started to learn that Addie does not know how to share very well.
Grayson stole Addie's straw, and she was not very happy about it!

The camera is usable, but we definitely need a new one and soon! Maybe that stimulus check will come in handy for that. Anyways, I got out of class early yesterday and met up with my mom to go and buy Addie her first pair of sandals. Mom also ended up getting her several adorable little dresses for a wedding we will be going to in a few weeks. We had dinner out and headed back home to meet up with my friend, Shanna, and her little boy, Grayson, who is 7 months old. Yes, that's right.....all three of my college roommates and myself ended up pregnant at the same time. Shanna, Jaime and Kristy all have babies very close to Addie's age. Poor children.....they will have to learn to love one another whether they like it or not. Grayson is the only little boy and he is soooooo cute! We had just enough time to let the babies say hello and then off to bed they went. They both slept thru the night and were up early this morning eager to play. Tim also had a close friend in town and was out with the guys last night. He needs more nights like that, but is always hesitant to go out and leave Addie and I at home. I wish he would give himself a break more often....he deserves it!

We were very happy to see Shanna and Grayson since it had been so long since the babies were together. We wished they lived closer and we could do it more often. Daddy and Addie weekend is almost over and they once again, had a great time together.....minus one "barfing" incident, which by the way, Tim handled like a pro!

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