Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Addie and Lily and PlayDate.....

Addie and Lily.....what cuties!!!!!

Of course, Addie and Lily had a great time yesterday, atleast both mommies did anyway. The time flies when you have someone to hang out with. Kristy and I could just sit and talk about nothing important and its already time to get back in the car again! The girls sort of did their own thing, and we sat back and watched them. Addie loved all of Lily's toys and the car ride wasn't all that bad. She sat in the back and "sang" most of the ride home. I even turned off the radio just so that I could hear her little tunes. It is still so surreal for me to believe that Kristy and I both have little girls the same age. I can't even explain how that makes me feel. I have always thought things happen for reasons, but WOW, God certainly had a plan for us. Whenever I get the chance to hang out with Kristy and Brian, I think about us all at Longwood College and how we had no clue what was ahead of us. The four of us will soon be spending a week in Corolla, NC for vacation. We rented a house down there with a heated pool and hot tub! I am very excited to get the girls together for that! Well, I better go get the munchkin out of her bed.....she slept all night and I am sure she is very hungry!

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