Thursday, May 8, 2008

One step closer to crawling.....maybe?

Well, Addie has finally learned to go from laying down to a sitting up position all by herself. I think this means that crawling is just around the corner. Unfortunately, it also means that she can pretty much refuse to fall asleep and just sit in her crib and play. Yesterday, I put her down for her usual 3:00 nap. About 20 minutes into the "nap" I looked on the monitor, only to see her sitting up playing with her pacifiers. She would pull the one out of her mouth and put the other one in....find one in a crevice in her crib, and pull the one out and put the new one in....over and over and over.......for an HOUR AND A HALF! Yes, folks, she sat like that until 4:30. I went in twice and layed her back down, only to check the monitor and see her back up again! She never did nap, and so she was not the most pleasant person to be around that evening.

We have spent most of this rainy day playing with all of her toys and practicing our crawling technique. This is where mommy gets on all fours and proceeds to crawl around the playroom floor trying to get Addie's attention, hoping to spark some curiosity and get her to attempt to copy me. No such luck yet. She is finally quietly sleeping in her crib. I wish I had a crib and a lullaby song to swish me off to sleep!


livingsj77 said...

All I have to say lease she doesn't scream her face off every time you put her in her crib. If I put Ainsley down, I would know way sooner than 20 minutes that she wasn't sleeping. I'm never getting that girl to sleep in her own bed!!!

Emily said...

Don't worry Addie will be getting around before you know it and you will be scrambling to get everything child-proofed! :)