Monday, April 27, 2009

What do we do all week?

Monday: Grocery shopping day, which means Addie and I eat a really good lunch and hang out at the house until Daddy gets home...

Tuesday: Storytime at the library in the morning and sometimes a playdate afterwards with other mommies and kids who also go to enjoy storytime...

Wednesday: These days Tim has Wednesdays off, so we usually do something fun as a family...but when he does work, Addie and I go to lunch together ..(usually a cheap hot dog joint)

Thursday: Laundry day (YUCK!)...I like to get it over with before the weekend, so I start it on Thursdays and finish it up the next day. Addie likes to help!

Friday: Play date with other mommies and kids, sometimes here at our house and sometimes at a park or someone else's home

Tim and I attempted to take Addie to the beach with all the nice weather, but that didn't go over too well. She HATES sand...and doesn't even want it to touch her! She spent the whole time in my lap! If you ever wondered where she gets her complexion, this picture should answer your question! Am I a vampire or what?
Getting ready for our trip to the beach...

These pictures were taken at the library this past week where they did a sheep shearing event for local elementary schools. Another mommy and myself took the kids over to watch since the weather was goregeous and it was free! Addie liked the sheep a lot, but wasn't very happy when the man pulled a wrestling move on the poor thing to get it to the ground. She walks around saying "Uh oh sheep......down!". It really left an impression on her.

Most of all, we look forward to weekends with Daddy. It will be especially nice here in a few weeks when my classes are over, and I don't have to give up every other weekend. I am very anxious for my graduate program to end so that I can soak up the summer with Tim and Addie before we welcome the new baby in September! That is what we do all week, and since I am a creature of habit, you can pretty much bet that if you call on a Monday morning, I am out grocery shopping, and if you stop by on Thursday, we will still be in our jammies doing laundry...What a life!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

West Virginia fun!

I thought I would share some pictures from our trip last week to the mountains. My grandparents have always lived in this small old coal-mining town called Berwind in West Virginia. I spent almost every holiday and a lot of summer time in that tiny town growing up. I can't begin to imagine living there now, but as a kid, I loved every second of the dirt, four wheelers, creek creatures, and farm-life! This is me, Addie and my Papaw enjoying the sunshine one morning as we looked at his garden down below the deck! He is a vegetable growin' fool! And I love him to pieces!
Addie discovered the trampoline while we were there, and boy did she love it! I'm going to have to pull the reigns back on mom to keep her from putting one up in her backyard. I can only imagine broken bones and lots of tears, unless I'm planted right in the middle of the thing. She could have spent hours on it though! What fun!

She still is quite fascinated with horses, so when my Aunt Brenda brought her this horse, who she called "Jack" right from the didn't take long for her to figure out how to "ride" him and hop around the yard!

Here is the only shot I got with my camera of Addie and I all dressed up for the surprise birthday part for my Aunt and Uncle on Saturday. She was such a doll! However, the fun only lasted for about 45 minutes. My mom and Addie twirled it up on the dance floor so much, and after a nice long chug of milk from her sippy cup, that dress wasn't so pretty anymore! She got so sick, right there in the middle of the banquet hall! Oh, what a nightmare! All over the place and all over my feet! Anyone who knows me, knows exactly how I feel about bodily fluids, especially throw-up! I was a mess! Thank goodness my Mom was there! An hour later, she was laying in the hotel bed with my mom in a diaper, chowing on goldfish....happy as ever. As mom said..."we are having our own party!" What a night!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter continued...

Just a few more Easter pictures I thought were too cute not to share...

We traveled to West Virginia to visit my grandfather and other family members this past week. Tim stayed behind to work and Addie and I hopped in the car with my mom and Dave. It was really nice to see everyone, but always nice to come home too! I will share some pictures from our voyage and some funny stories later this week!

It has been brought to my attention (by my loyal cousin, Erin) that I failed to mention on my blog that Tim and I are expecting a second baby this fall! As I did with Addie, I always found it hard to blurt out the news to just anyone. Besides family and close friends I see regularly, I just let people figure it out as I got bigger and bigger. So, I guess after waiting quietly through the first trimester to make sure things were going well, I suppose I just never thought to write about it on my blog since most of my posts are about Addie girl! Silly me! I am 19 weeks along and due on September 17th. We go next week to find out what we are having.....Will Addie have a new baby sister just 2 years younger, or will I really get a little Mama's boy? Either one is fantastic news to me...I'll keep you updated...promise!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

The Easter Bunny stopped by our house on Saturday night, and he was really good to little Addie girl. She sure didn't mind the gifts left behind, but please don't mention his name.....she might be more scared of him than "Ho Ho". As a matter of fact, I think the whole wake up and find surprise toys waiting on her actually confused her more than anything. She kept talking about "Ho Ho" and her toys as if he was the one who left them all for her. Silly girl! Tim and I both agree that holidays are so much fun with little ones...and they just keep getting better!

Do you think she is happy or what? She's got it down pat what "CHEESE" means now...

The Hewitt's all dressed up and ready for church. We spent the morning at Tim's mom's church and then headed to their house for some yummy lunch.

I think the egg dyeing may have been Addie's favorite part behind the toys. She really got into it this year, and it was everywhere! She didn't want to stop and it was a fight to get her attention o something else so that I could hide the dye. I'll post some more funny pictures of that activity in the weeks to come!

My comprehensive exam was Saturday, and boy was it a kicker! I was working on that thing from 9:30 in the morning until 8:30 that night. Talk about exhausting! I finally submitted my final draft last night, and I swear a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders! I am very excited to be almost finished!
Addie and I are headed to West VA with my mom and Dave on Wednesday to see my family there and spend some time with my Papaw. I hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Craziness around here!

I chose this picture to post of Sally, my Dad and Julie's donkey, because it makes me smile, and quite frankly, after my last two days, I will take a smile or two where I can get it!
So, we recently got a major deal on some new cabinets and countertops from a fraternity brother of Tim's and have been dealing with the kitchen being out of commission for 5 days now. Cabinets and countertops were suppose to be in and complete by Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, there were some errors made during measurement and my cabinets came in looking a tad bit short on one side. What a hassle? Because they made a slight mistake in the numbers, Tim and I were made to look like picky, unsatisfied customers. I just want to get what I paid for! It really is hard to find good, honest workers these days! I wish my Dad lived right down the road....I would much rather give my money to him and have it done right the first time!

Now, imagine a cranky 19 month old (Addie) and a kitchen with no running water, microwave, or even counters to sit sippy cups and pour milk!!! AAAAAAAAAHH!!!! There is a light at the end of the tunnel though...

5 days till my comprehensive exam for grad school and hopefully, my kitchen will be done and my stress level reduced! I'm ready for a vacation.....

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's starting to warm up around here...

Addie and I are really very excited about the warm weather. I am about to wrap up my graduate program just in time for some summer fun! She really does so well when we get a chance to spend some time outside and not so cooped up in the house for hours on end. I'm sure she will love my mom's pool again this summer, even more than last year since she is a little older!

This was such a cute picture I happened to snap while we were down in Florida. She loves to give out some hugs!
These two pictures were taken during one of our visits down to the barn. She acted scared of the animals, but she sure talks about them alot now! She still makes me sit her up in my lap to look at pictures from our trip!

What a cool picture this is....too bad I didn't put her boots and hat on her! That would have been awesome!

Addie is getting ready for a Saturday night slumber party at her Mamaw's (my mom) house. We are getting some work done on our kitchen this weekend, and we thought we could be more productive without her running around under our feet. Plus, the kitchen is out of commission at the moment, so I think she will be better fed over there! She loves spending the night there because she gets whatever she wants. Tim and I miss her, but its nice to have some time to ourselves sometimes too! Have a good weekend all!