Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mommies and Babies play at the Hewitts...

Finally, I am able to get these pictures posted from my weekend with my girlfriends and their toddlers. The picture below is of Addie hugging Heather's little boy, Lucas. She really liked him. Below is Ainsely telling Addie that she wants her to MOVE! Ainsley has the same chair in pink at her house and I think she thought it followed her here!

Ainsely (Jaime's), Lucas (Heather's), Grayson (Shanna's), and Addie all share the chair for a few pictures...

The babies all enjoyed playing Ring Around the Rosies . Although some of them took longer than others to get the whole fall down part......Addie!

Even the Mommies joined in the fun!

Overall, the little ones played really well together. There were some sharing issues, and of course we had a hard time keeping up with pacies and sippy cups and blankies. We basically gave up on trying to keep them away from each other by the end of the night. They all slept pretty well considering they were in a strange place and it wasn't always as quiet as we would have liked it to be for all of them. Almost every room in our house had a baby in it!
It was very interesting to see their little personalities. Addie is definitely the little follower. She sort of sits back and watches and does what every one else is doing. Ainsley is boss lady. She has the strongest little personality and is so smart. Grayson is all boy. He will bulldoze over anyone in his way. That little boy is so easy going. Little Lucas is a Momma's boy with the cutest smile ever. He and Addie are very much a like. It isn't hard to tell which Mommy each of them belongs to, thats for sure!
It was such a nice time and I feel very blessed to have such great friends from college still in my life almost 9 years later! I have made a final decision, however, I don't think Tim and I will be having four kids in a row!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can Spring-time please hurry up?

I just knew this 3.00$ rocking chair I found yardsaling almost 2 1/2 years ago would be a big hit someday! Addie loves it! She's a porch rocker too, just like her Mommy and Daddy!

Addie just loves being on the go and outside. She can be so grumpy sitting inside with me, and the moment I take her outside, she takes on this whole new personality. She could people-watch forever! I am very much looking forward to warmer weather when we can spend more time at local parks and take nice walks around the neighborhood. I think the fresh air could do us both some good.

I have loads of new pictures to upload from our "toddler weekend", but just haven't had the

chance to do so since all the babies and their mommas left. I plan on organizing my pictures at some point today though and hopefully getting those funny shots posted in the next day or two.

I finally have a nice long weekend at home coming up. No traveling, no class, no major plans... I am looking forward to just taking it easy and soaking up some fun with Tim and Addie. I might even try and get caught up on my scrapbooking!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bed Head

I went to get Addie out of her crib the other day after a nap, and this is how I found her...sweaty head of curls and a sour look on her face! She had slept long and hard!

I told you her head of hair was out of control!

This weekend I have three sorority sisters coming to visit with their little ones. We picked this date atleast two months ago, and I have been anxiously anticipating this weekend for quite a while. It will be so nice to have some time with my friends and to get all of the babies together for once. They are all very close in age, ranging from 16 - 20 months old. It should be an exciting Saturday night in the Hewitt household. Hopefully, I will have some cute pictures and stories to share on Monday! I wish we could all get together more often!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More from our Culpeper visit...

Addie and Nathanial eating breakfast one morning. They got a long really well together, and Addie just followed him around like a little puppy dog. One night we threw all three babies in the tub together...what a hoot! There was more water outside the tub and on us than in the tub itself!

Addie is now at the age where she knows how to work the system, and when I say system, I mean Mommy and Daddy. From day one, she has always slept in her crib. She never took to a bassinet or cosleeper or anything like that. She did just fine in her own bed, and Tim and I were able to sleep much better with her in her own room. This was probably only made possible by the nice camera baby moniter that Tim's parents gave us at our baby shower. We can keep an eye on her wherever we are and don't really need to have her right beside us to have peace of mind. Now? She knows that we are sleeping right across the hall from her, and she wants to be with us. She'll go down in her crib, but lately has woken up several hours later, calling our names under the saddest little cries you have ever heard. She will cry like that for what seems like an eternity, so against our better judement, she has ended up in between us the last few nights, sleeping peacefully with a little smile on her face! What are we thinking? We have done so good until now...

Monday, February 16, 2009

We are back!

Good Morning Carrie and Addie.....Here is your breakfast.....Delicious stuffed French Toast with strawberry syrup! This is a little peek at where Addie and I spent the last few nights. Now you know I enjoy some good home cookin! Leslie's husband, David, made this special breakfast just for us, and he even took the time to make Addie a special one without egg in it. I don't think she has ever eaten anything like that before. I think she might have my appetite! It was heavenly...

These are the views from their home. I got to look out at this breathtaking view each morning as I sipped on coffee and watched the babies play. I love visiting David and Leslie simply because they are so welcoming, and their home is so comfortable and peaceful. I only wish Tim could have made the trip up there with us. He would have loved the 7 deer we watched prance around in the field in front of thier house and the bonfire we sat around in the evening.

I am very happy that David and Leslie have made such a loving, happy home for themselves and their two little boys. Addie will make lots of memories there I am sure. This is a picture looking down at their home from the top of their little gravel driveway. I was on my way out this morning, heading home with Addie to see Tim!

I will post more pictures of the kids later on this week. We are glad to be home, but already miss hanging out with our good friends!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting ready for a road trip...

Addie and I are getting ready for a busy morning preparing for a little road trip to see some of my close friends. For some reason, on nights before I travel with her, I always have the hardest time sleeping. I lay there thinking about all I have to pack and worry about forgetting something. It is a little more tricky to travel with a little one who has food allergies and breathing treatments to keep up with. I might have gotten 5 hours of sleep last night. However, since I have showered, I am energized and excited about spending the next couple of nights with my friends. Here are a few more pictures from our park adventure last weekend. Addie will pretty much kiss anything she thinks is "cute"...kind of a nasty habit, but it sure is cute!

Tim has a list of things he wants to get accomplished while he has some "free" time this weekend. He acts like he is so sad to see us go, but I can imagine it is nice to just relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. I don't think I have actually done that since Addie has joined our little world, except for maybe my weekend away with Tim. I hope he rests up, gets some of his "to do" list done so that he can feel less stressed, and has a little bit of fun with some of his friends this weekend too! We'll see ya on Monday with some new pictures to share from our trip!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday at the Park!

Ok....Anna and Mamaw, since you so politely reminded me that I needed to update the are a few pictures from our adventures at the park on Sunday.

Addie and I are very excited that it is starting to get warm again. She loves being outside and everyday stuck inside can get old quickly. We are looking forward to picnics and sunshine on a daily basis!
Tim and I took her to the city's "Fun Forest" on Sunday. She had been there a few times last Spring to enjoy the nice swings they had there, but she was not yet mobile. It was so much fun to see her running around investigating the place. You could just see her mind racing! The picture above is of her swinging in a big girl swing for the first time. She caught on quickly and really liked it!
It was such a beautiful day and she had so much fun that I took her back today and will share some of those pictures later this week.

Can you believe how tall she is getting? We are amazed at how many words she is using these days. She must learn a new word every hour! This weekend I am planning on a road trip with Addie to visit my good friends David and Leslie in Culpeper, VA. I taught my first year at Culpeper High with Leslie and we have been close friends ever since. She has two boys very close in age to Addie, and I always have such a nice, relaxing time at her beautiful home in the country. Addie and I will miss Tim of course, but I'm sure he will appreciate some time to himself too! I'll try and post again before we head out with some of our pictures from the park today! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather as we are!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What have we been up to?

These are a couple of pictures we got of Addie playing at the play yard at the mall. She loves this place!

I think this may have been the longest I have ever gone without updating my blog. I just haven't had many opportunities to get any new pictures and really don't have much to share since it has been pretty quiet around here. Tim and I had a really nice time at the lake last weekend. It was very nice to be lazy and just hang out with each other without all of the daily interruptions life seems to throw at you. We were total bums all weekend, and we both really missed Addie a lot. So, we headed back early on Sunday to pick her up and spend the rest of the day playing with her and watching the Superbowl! What a great game!
Addie is getting some molars in the back of her little mouth, so she has been pretty difficult to be around the last week or so, but....hey....we are used to Miss Fussy Britches around here! I can imagine that it really hurts. She is talking more and more these days and even puts some words together. She can say "Bye Bye Car" and "Bye Bye Da Da" and "Bye Bye Dog"......She learns a new word every day, and although she doesnt pronunciate the word too well, you can definitely understand what she is saying. Just in the last day or so she has started asking for a "bite" of whatever it is that we are eating. This is HUGE! She is such a picky eater and mealtime around here is so difficult. I would love for her to branch out some more in that department......I can hear my Dad now....."If she's hungry, she'll eat...."!!!! I know Dad.....I've tried that route, but the thing is, she doesn't eat, and then she gets really grouchy, and then the real fun begins! I would rather just feed her what she wants and have a happy baby! So, Tim and I are excited that she is starting to get interested in what we are eating. I will try and get more pictures in the next couple of days. She is growing so fast...and that head of hair she has is out of control!