Monday, February 16, 2009

We are back!

Good Morning Carrie and Addie.....Here is your breakfast.....Delicious stuffed French Toast with strawberry syrup! This is a little peek at where Addie and I spent the last few nights. Now you know I enjoy some good home cookin! Leslie's husband, David, made this special breakfast just for us, and he even took the time to make Addie a special one without egg in it. I don't think she has ever eaten anything like that before. I think she might have my appetite! It was heavenly...

These are the views from their home. I got to look out at this breathtaking view each morning as I sipped on coffee and watched the babies play. I love visiting David and Leslie simply because they are so welcoming, and their home is so comfortable and peaceful. I only wish Tim could have made the trip up there with us. He would have loved the 7 deer we watched prance around in the field in front of thier house and the bonfire we sat around in the evening.

I am very happy that David and Leslie have made such a loving, happy home for themselves and their two little boys. Addie will make lots of memories there I am sure. This is a picture looking down at their home from the top of their little gravel driveway. I was on my way out this morning, heading home with Addie to see Tim!

I will post more pictures of the kids later on this week. We are glad to be home, but already miss hanging out with our good friends!

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Lily said...

UMMMM can you make me stuffed french toast next time I spend the night!!!!!!!!! Or can I go with you on your next visit (: