Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheesy Smiles!

Just a couple more from our trip to the water park:

Addie and I are tuckered out from our morning excursion to the zoo today. I figured I better take her now because the warmer it gets, the less likely I am going to want to trudge around that place. We were suppose to meet a friend and her little boy there, but unfortunately he got a weird rash this morning, and they had to cancel. So, it was just the little monkey and me! She is great company, so I didn't mind too much. She enjoys the animals more and more each time we visit. All the way there, she kept saying "animoles"......"not skeered"...."hold you momma"...."Addie see animoles".....I must say, very cute! Her favorites today were probably the elephants because they had them caged up under these giant windows where we could stand just above them and see. It was pretty cool! We wish Daddy could have been with us...he always gets really excited when we visit the zoo too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Family Vacation 2009

Last week, Tim and I took Addie to an overnight stay in a lodge about an hour away with an indoor waterpark in it. We will not be taking our normal week long vacation together this year because Tim will need the time off from work when the baby gets here. We decided to do something that Addie would enjoy with just the two of us since that will not be happening quite as much when her little brother arrives. At first, Addie wasn't too sure about the fountains and spraying water, but after long, she seemed to really enjoy herself. The puppet show and ice cream were also some of her favorites from the lodge that night. She is such a people watcher and spent a lot of time just sitting in a chair, drying off and watching all the other people play in the water.
Of course her goldfish came along with us, and in between swimming and wading in the pools, she snacked away and again, watched all the people!

The water was so warm. Addie and I must have sat in this raft for at least a good hour before the waves were turned on. She just rested her little head on my shoulder and watched everyone around us.

Tim slept with Addie in the "big" bed that was in our room, and I snuck away to the smaller bed to sleep alone and in peace! HA! This was what I found that morning when I snuck in with my camera after hearing Addie babble away about "pools" and "wa wa"....Tim was definitely not ready to wake up yet! He said she was not very much fun to sleep with!

The night just flew by so fast, and I was actually a little sad that it had come and gone so quickly. We had all been looking forward to this night for some time. I am sure Addie will enjoy herself even more next year after she gets used to swimming and the water a little more. We plan on going back on a regular basis. It is such a clean, safe, family place so close to our home.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day today and remembering those who have sacrificed so much for our country! Tim is working today to earn some extra money, and Addie and I spent the morning running errands with my mom. She is currently in her crib, singing the "Teddybear" song, trying very hard not to fall asleep for her naptime! I'll share some more pictures from our trip next time I post!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Off to the fair!

Last weekend, Tim and I took Addie to our local fair called the Jubilee. I used to go to the Jubilee every year when I was growing up. As a matter of fact, I won my first pet goldfish at the fair. His name was Peabody and he lived for 5 or 6 years. My Dad helped me bury him in the backyard and made a wooden cross to place over his grave. I can also remember agonizing over what to wear to this event as a teenager and parading around the fairgrounds looking for boys with my best friend Elizabeth! What memories this place has for me! Now, all I care about are the funnel cakes and farm animals! Addie loves the ice cream! She can eat the entire thing, cone and all, all by herself! What a cute mess she is afterwards!
Tim helped Addie play a game to win a little prize. She was very excited about participating and did not want to leave...even after the lady gave her the prize!

And a close up of her relishing every lick of that cool treat....It was a hot day!

She loved her prize and was even caught sharing her lolipop with Dora on the ride home from the fairgrounds! She took a nice long nap that day!

I will try and post pictures from our "mini-vacation" this weekend. Addie had a blast and of course, Tim and I soaked it all in too since it will be our only getaway of 2009 before Baby Boy arrives!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bring on the sunshine!

First of all, I am very thankful to my mommy blogging friends who made me feel so much better about our "fight" with the paci around here! We have enough battles to beat these days, so I appreciate the support ladies!

Secondly, we are gearing up for summer around here and Addie is ready to have some fun in the sun!
We were headed to a local park this particular day. This was the first time I attempted to pull all of her crazy hair back into a pony tail. It lasted until we got out of the neighborhood! Oh well, I like the unruly look on matches her personality.

This is a picture of Addie and her little friend, Ben. Besides little Lily, Ben is the only other small person Addie sees on a regular basis. She asks for him a lot when we are just hanging out at home, and she loves when we get together with him and his mommy. We have a playdate atleast once a week with Ben and his mommy, and here in a few weeks, Addie and Ben will be starting a class at "The Little Gym" down the street...should be interesting!

We have really been enjoying the sunshine around here lately. I have so many new pictures to post, including our trip to the local fair and our little "family vacation" we just got back from today! I can't wait to share them with you, and as soon as I get this last project done for my grad class, I will sit down and do just that. Until then, I am grounding myself from the email, no, no favorite blogs, no FACEBOOK!!!! Maybe that will motivate me to get my work done....Ha!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bath Time!

We discovered the other night that Addie loves mommy's BIG bathtub with the bubbles (jets), and that when she takes a bath with me, bath time isn't such a nightmare. Plus, the paci also helps the situation a bit! And yes, I still let her suck on that thing when I just can't seem to make her happy enough to stop whining! As a matter of fact, my 22 month old child still has a crib bumper in her crib so that the 5 or so pacifiers cannot fall out in the middle of the night through the slats in the crib, resulting in a screaming child in the middle of the night! I am a pretty pathetic soul, I know, but I sure love my sleep....and if that means a 3 year old with a pacifier in her mouth, well, then so be it!

Don't ya just love this little nightgown! She is such a little girly girl. I cannot believe she will be turning two in a little over two months. She is growing like a weed and starting to say pretty much anything she hears that comes out of our mouths. And boy is she stubborn! She has to be the most strong-willed little lady I have ever seen. Tonight is Daddy and Addie night as I head to my second-to-last graduate course ever! Hopefully, they have a great time and Addie takes it easy on Tim since he has had to work out in the pouring rain today :(! Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strawberry fun!

Friday my play group mommies and I decided to chance the strawberry fields with our little munchkins even though it had rained the three previous days before! Here is a picture of some of us in action....
At first my little sweetheart did not think highly of wading through the mud to get to the good strawberries. She does not like to get dirty that is for sure... However, all of her little friends seemed to be really enjoying themselves on the other side of the mud puddle with their mommy's. So, Addie gave up and let me carry her over the mud hole and to the strawberries finally!

And it wasn't long until she was filling up the basket with me. I will tell you though that my precious little girly girl refused to pick the strawberries herself because the grass was wet, and she doesn't like to get her hands wet or dirty! In the picture below she is glaring at the red strawberry juice on her hands...silly girl!

She ended up being a pretty good sport though, but still refused to try a strawberry. Even after watching all the other little kids cram their mouths full, she wasn't the least bit interested in giving one a try.

We had a really great time with our play group that morning. The gang headed to Bergey's Dairy afterwards to enjoy some homemade icecream and cool off. Then, Addie and I headed home to bake some strawberry rhubarb pies for Mother's Day! It's days like this that I feel especially blessed!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Tim, Addie, and I all had a wonderful day yesterday as we celebrated the day just as I wanted. After a delicious breakfast in bed courtesy of Tim (and Hardee's) and a nice soothing cup of yum yum decaf coffee (thanks to Kristy and her old coffee maker), we headed to my mom's for the morning to visit for a while. I love visiting my mom, because this means I get to relax for a while since she and Dave love having Addie's attention all to themselves, and I'm not kidding....she even likes to change the poopey diapers while we were there. I planned it just perfectly too! After Dave returned from church, we all headed out for some pizza at a local pizzeria down the street. Then, back home for naps for the family. For some reason, I was exhausted and couldn't bring myself to actually do anything but lay around and be lazy! I guess my body needed it! Later, we picked up something to eat along with a few milkshakes, dropped off some snacks for Tim's mom and headed home for the evening to watch the Celebrity Apprentice Finale!!! (I know...we got sucked in again this year!)
I hope all the "mothers" in my life had a great day...We deserve a thanks now and then!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We are having a BOY!!!

I have been trying to get my scanner to cooperate because I wanted to include these pictures in my post when I announce that we have a boy on the way! Tim, of course, is over the moon! He couldn't believe it when she told him he had a son coming...and to tell you the truth, I would have placed bets on a girl. For some reason, and not because I have not been blessed a gazillion times in my lifetime, I thought a girl AND a boy was much too perfect to happen to me! Well, here is the proof, I was wrong again! I know its hard to see in these pictures, especially if you haven't studied them for several years in a row like myself, but the first image actually shows two views of his little "man part", as if he were sitting on a glass table and you were looking up at his little booty. The tiny arrows point out the fun parts! This was a profile shot she got of him with his arm up by his head, as if waving to us! Hard to see Im sure, but plain as day to me! Welcome baby boy!

We have been a little under the weather here at the Hewitt household this last week. Tim ended up having a small case of pneumonia, which had him out of commission for most of the week. The computer was the last thing on my mind with little Addie all to myself! I did manage to get some pictures and will post those as soon as I get a chance. I just wanted to share our wonderful news this morning before we head to story-time, even though many of you have heard by now!