Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strawberry fun!

Friday my play group mommies and I decided to chance the strawberry fields with our little munchkins even though it had rained the three previous days before! Here is a picture of some of us in action....
At first my little sweetheart did not think highly of wading through the mud to get to the good strawberries. She does not like to get dirty that is for sure... However, all of her little friends seemed to be really enjoying themselves on the other side of the mud puddle with their mommy's. So, Addie gave up and let me carry her over the mud hole and to the strawberries finally!

And it wasn't long until she was filling up the basket with me. I will tell you though that my precious little girly girl refused to pick the strawberries herself because the grass was wet, and she doesn't like to get her hands wet or dirty! In the picture below she is glaring at the red strawberry juice on her hands...silly girl!

She ended up being a pretty good sport though, but still refused to try a strawberry. Even after watching all the other little kids cram their mouths full, she wasn't the least bit interested in giving one a try.

We had a really great time with our play group that morning. The gang headed to Bergey's Dairy afterwards to enjoy some homemade icecream and cool off. Then, Addie and I headed home to bake some strawberry rhubarb pies for Mother's Day! It's days like this that I feel especially blessed!

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