Sunday, August 31, 2008

Zoo Day......

Welcome to the Norfolk Zoological Park Addie!

And my favorite snap shot we got all day........
What a face! How can you resist? Can you tell she was SCARED to DEATH? The girl is a big chicken!

Tim and I took Addie to the zoon yesterday and what an adventure we had! First of all, it was soooo hot! We lathered her up in lotion and tied a hat on her little head and off we went! There were these giant fountains that kids were allowed to play in at the beginning, so we spent some time getting sprayed by the water to cool us down a little. She wasn't too sure what to think about that! She was so cute when she saw the animals at first. She would sort of jump and look up to see if we saw them and then just point that little finger and garble something or another as if to say "look you see that?" Despite the heat, she was such a trooper! She got a small plastic monkey at the gift shop and the whole way home she stared at that thing and growled at it! It was hilarious! Then, at home, she refused to nap....just too darn excited, I guess!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sweet little baby doll..........

Addie has become particularly interested in baby dolls here lately. She will find one laying around, pick it up and proceed to rock it and pat it on the back. I think this may because of my mom and how she does this with a baby doll or stuffed animal when she is playing with Addie. Addie loves to mock people and thinks she is doing something extra special when she copies what you are doing. So...that has led to lots of time rocking and patting, and now even trying to feed the babies a little pretend bottle of juice. This baby doll was one of mine that mom brought over from her house. I used to play with this baby all the time, especially as I got older and loved playing house because I thought it looked so real! Tim thinks she is scary looking, but Addie doesn't seem to mind at all!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lily comes for a visit......

Today Lily and Kristy came to visit for the day! Addie and Lily seem to recognize each other, but still aren't all that interested in really playing together. They often want to play with the same toys or atleast play beside one another, but playing together is not something they are into as of yet! Lily is definitely the little "boss" when they play. She seems to have the more dominant personality, and Addie just sort of lets her run the show.......When Lily goes for Addie's hair or to try and pat her on the head, Kristy yells for me to get her before she does it......She doesn't understand why I just let it happen, but what I am really trying to do is to get Addie to stick up for herself, or do something back to show that she won't put up with it, but she doesn't do a thing. She just sits there and takes it and sometimes ends up crying! Lily is brave and is always trying new things and not scared to try something out......and Addie is quite the opposite, which, if you consider the mommies, is quite funny. I'm definitely more outspoken than Kristy, who is sweet and quiet in most situations. If we were babies, I would be the one doing the hair pulling and telling her what to do! We always enjoy their visits though. They went to a Tides Baseball game with her husband's company and will be coming back here to spend the night! I'm excited to see them!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Addie has some friends over....

I turned around yesterday and this is where I found her.....and that box was full of building blocks she just plummeted down on.....
Here is Katelyn and Addie, and yes, she is wearing the same outfit as yesterday........we have been really layed back about getting dressed these past couple of days, and that little outfit is just so cozy!
And here is Tyler being silly for the camera......he loves to show off!

Today was a pretty long day. I tried and tried to upload some pictures this morning but the computer just would not cooperate. This is the first time I have had the chance to sit down and try it again. I watched my friend Michelle's little boy Tyler today because his kindergarten class does this weird step program the first week of school where half the children go one day and the other half go the next. Tyler went yesterday and so he was off today. Michelle and I still can't figure out what they expect working parents to do with the little ones on the days they aren't in school. I decided to help her out since I didnt have anything major that had to be done today, and she was pretty desperate! He really was no problem at all and actually entertained Addie for me really well. My friend Stephanie also came over for a while with her two kids, Jack and Katelyn. They are very well behaved and everyone played so well together. Katelyn and Addie are only 9 months apart and will actually start school the same year. All in all, it was a pretty quiet day. Tim and I stayed up really late last night watching a movie we rented (first one in a year), so.....both of us sort of dragged today! No plans for tomorrow either. It looks like things are finally starting to slow down around here. Im not sure if that is a good thing or not!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Monday......

As soon as Addie gets out of her crib now from naps she points to her shelf with all of her stuffed animals and makes me take her over there to pick out her favorite. She usually picks out the same one...a bunny from my cousin Paul David and his wife Jaime...unless I forget to put it back up there.... Like father like daughter.....can you guess they are watching NOGGIN, not SportsCenter!
She was in such a silly mood last night....
And, if you haven't seen one of her mean faces yet...well, here you go....I'm tellin ya...she has got some attitude!
She did not like Daddy sitting in her chair!

Today is the day that all of the teachers return to school to get their classrooms ready for the start of the school year. Last year at this time, I was overwhelmed with breastfeeding and caring for a new baby so I didnt really miss the whole heading back to school thing. We live right beside the school I taught at, so I drive by it everyday. Luckily, they hauled my portable classroom off right after I moved out because they didnt need it anymore, so I don't have to look at it. However, today I will drive by and see all of the familiar vehicles of my friends and my not-so-much friends as they attend the first faculty meeting of the year and then all part ways to get their lesson plans in order and their desks wiped clean for the new students they will get in a week or so. Tim asked me yesterday as we drove by the school if I missed it......and of course I miss it. It was my only avenue for some adult socialization, and I was a pretty good teacher, or atleast I would like to think so. I wouldn't change my situation for the world because I do realize I am doing one of the most impt jobs in the world right now, but that doesnt mean I dont get to miss it. So.....I'll be a little sad today, and then even more so next Tuesday as the yellow school buses drive down my street and take all the hoodlums to school!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Addie and Mommy weekend....well, sort of...

So, I guess it hasn't really been an Addie and Mommy weekend since Tim had her friday night and half of Saturday, but it feels like it around here since he is still away in Richmond playing fake football with a crowd of frat brothers! I slept with my bedroom door locked and half the lights on in the house! Poor Addie she was alone in her room in her crib, not knowing that Mommy was locked away inside her room across the hall. Good thing Sally kept Tim's spot warm in the bed! We miss him when he is not here. Well, just wanted to say hello quickly. Im off to

the grocery store...(its Sunday, so its grocery store day!) The pictures above are from our SC trip!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Friday Everyone.....

Addie has just started to really watch cartoons....she loves them!
Sorry Mom, I posted two of these pics and can't seemt o erase one! Addie loves playing blocks with her Mamaw!

Addie had a great time with her Mamaw yesterday and gets to see Ga Ga and Pop Pop this afternoon until Daddy picks her up after work. She loves playing with all the new toys they have!

Tim got off work at 7:30 yesterday and finally was home with Addie in tow around 8:00. Poor guy! Right after he fed her an 8 ounce bottle she coughed and coughed and threw it all up all over him. Then just as he finished cleaning up that......the dog barfed on our bedroom floor and he had to clean that up. By the time I walked through the door at 9:15, he was OVER it! Second night in a row where Addie got sick on him........I plan on calling the Dr. on Monday to see what we can do about it. It must have something to do with her reflux! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Who knows if I will have time to post with my class and all! No yardsaling tomorrow either- boo hoo! Next Saturday though, I will be ready to roll!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to normal....

A not-so-happy Addie-girl in the backseat about 2 hours into our 6 hour drive!
This picture is hilarious. Tim and I were so nervous about taking her on the boat (we have never done that before), and this is what she did after only 10 minutes away from the dock!

Today is Thursday....that means laundry day in my house-yuck! It also means that I only have two days to finish up my case study paper and presentation before it is due on Saturday. I have class this weekend, the last one for this particular course----YEAH! Tim also has his big Fantasy Football weekend in Richmond. Apparently, 30 guys get hotel rooms joined by a big, expensive suite, paid for by one of they guys companies, and they all hide in the rooms playing "imaginary football draft"...........well, thats my version of it anyways. Im just excited he gets to see so many friends at one time. He hardly ever gets to be with his friends. Addie will be spending some quality time with grandparents. She has a 5th tooth coming in on the bottom and she was a BEAR all day yesterday. At one point, I took a highlighter away from her because she had taken the top off and put it in her mouth, and she got all red-faced, growled, and then proceeded to slap my face!!! I was appalled! I grabbed her little wrists to keep her from hitting me again, said "NO" very loudly, and walked away from her. She really lost it then....I had to remind her to breathe!!! Yikes! What have we created?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome Home Hewitts!

We are home, and we did indeed survive the road trip from "you know where"! Addie is not the best little person to travel with-that is for sure. Once we made it there finally, she was an angel and really did so well out of her comfort zone. It was great to just relax and not have school, or the house, or playdates, or anything like that to worry about. We needed it, and we are very thankful that my family included us in their weekend getaway! I will share some pictures over the next couple of days.......Here is one of the guys after Tim finally caught the first fish!

A few more of Addie on her first boat ride......we were a little scared at first, but she did great! It was a nice day.....even if the boat did break down for a while in a desolate cove where noone could find us!

My Dad and Julie look like serious boaters......

Happy 1st Birthday Lillian Grace.....!!!! You are loved so much and we are so glad to be such a big part of your life! I hope you and Mommy and Daddy are having a great day together......We just can't believe our girls are 1!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bye until Tuesday.......

Tim, Addie, and I are headed to SC until Tuesday, and I don't think I will be doing any blogging from our log cabin. I promise to take loads of pictures and share tons of stories when I get back. We are looking forward to getting away for a few days! On our way out we will be stopping in Williamsburg for Lily's first birthday party! We wouldn't miss it for the world! We'll snap some photos there too....I'm sure! I hope everyone has a great weekend.....we'll talk to ya soon!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yippee!!!!!!! IM DONE!!!!!

Just thought I would share with you that I am finally finished with the big case study paper and it is on its way to the writing lab to be proofread. I am so excited!!!! Now, Im off to the shower to get ready for my big date! AND......South Carolina, here I paper on my mind and lots of time for visiting and relaxation! I can't believe I really got it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Mom for taking Addie for me today!

Playdate after playdate.....

Addie and I were so busy yesterday trying to get the last observation done for my case study paper that I need to have done before I leave on Saturday......(yeah right! thats going to happen) A girl in my class came over with her little boy, Ethan, to play with Addie. We are doing a comparison on the social-emotional/cognitive development of the two babies. They are so cute together, both very protective of each other's toys and thier mommies. Anyways, we got lots of good notes and things to write about, but now I need to find the time to put it all on paper.
Addie is going to play with her Pop Pop while I exercise this morning, and then she will spend the night with her Mamaw while Mommy and Daddy have a date!!!!!!!!! I am very excited about our date. I may even do my hair and make-up for my hubbie! It has been quite a long time since Tim and I have made some time for ourselves. I am so thankful she does so well at my mom's! Plus, my mom is dieing to keep her overnight before she heads back to school. Hope they have some fun! Wish me luck on my paper, and laundry, and packing! Whew....I have soooooooo much to do!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Visitors.....

Today we had a house full of visitors, and the day seemed to fly by. First off, my friend, Shanna, and her little boy, Grayson, came for a visit Monday and spent the night with us. Grayson is 10 months old and walking around everywhere!!! He is absolutely adorable......makes me want a little mama's boy! I also volunteered to help my high school friend out and watch her two little boys today. Lucas and Tyler were here around 8:00 am and just left at 5:30! They are full of evergy, but very good boys! My neice's, Skylar and Lakyne, also came by with their mother to deliver some cute little hand-me-downs for Addie. AND......a teacher friend of mine and her two girls stopped by to borrow all of my maternity clothes. She is pregnant with TWINS!!!!! YIKES!!!! Her girls are 6 and 7 years old and now she is going to have two more! Bless her little heart. So....our house was pretty busy for most of the day, but with a little help from Shanna and my mom, we survived! I never did get to work on my paper, so the next three nights are crucial if I want to really be able to relax on our upcoming getaway to SC! Wish me luck!
Addie and Grayson .......
Thought I would try and get a picture of all of them playing "together".......
And...a cute little picture of Grayson eating the Strawberry Shortcake Beach Ball!!!
Addie is really getting good at pulling up and today she was able to walk around an ottoman we have while holding on of course! I know we are just days away from seeing her at least stand on her own, maybe even walk!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

He remembered!

Tim brought the camera along on some of his adventures this weekend, and he got some great shots! Addie is all ready to head to the park for a swing with Daddy. He always makes sure she has plenty of random items to play with in the car. She likes his truck because she can see out the front window really well. She is still facing backwards in my car for the time being. We think she will sleep better for our trip to SC that way......
Tim also visited with the Powell's yesterday. Sharon has been Tim's best girlfriend since high school. They remain pretty close and only live a few streets away with Jenna, their little girl, and a little boy on the way. We have watched Jenna grow over the past several years and she is just the sweetest little thing....and so beautiful too.....I am sure Addie and Jenna will make some memories together here soon......
Justin, Sharon, and Jenna........
So....overall, Tim's "Addie and Daddy" weekend went pretty well. Ga Ga came over for few hours yesterday and played with Addie while he mowed the grass and did some chores around the house. I have another big paper due the last weekend of class that I have to get done this week before we head to SC to visit my Dad and Julie, so I will be working very hard starting today!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Daddy and Addie Weekend Part II

No pictures yet, but I will lay out the camera today while I am in class, and maybe Tim will see a cute opportunity for a photo shoot! All is well in the Hewitt household. I am drinking my morning coffee, getting ready to blow dry my hair, and Tim and Addie are still snoozing away. She was sound asleep when I got home last night, so I havent even gotten a glimpse of her since yesterday afternoon....and I miss her! My class is soooooooo boring.....I got on Dateline NBC and spent hours reading the transcripts of murder mysteries....yes, it is that bad! Its a psychology class, so......not to offend anyone, but I find it to be a bunch of mumbo jumbo that anyone could come up with and become this famous psychologist....but...I guess I better learn it anyway. It will be on my comps next year! Better get going....its going to be a long day!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Daddy and Addie weekend.......

Yesterday Addie and I spent some time in the morning at a park near our house. She still loves to swing so much, but has gotten so tall that she doesn't quite fit in the seat as snug as I would like. Her personality is showing so much these days. She is becoming less and less shy. She waved at everyone she could in the Wendy's restaurant yesterday and she continues to perfect "Da Da" and "Dogga" and "AnkUUU" and "Oookie" and "Dall" and "Dye Dye"......
I have class this weekend, so Addie and her Daddy will get to spend some time together. Im sure they will visit with some family and spend lots of time playing with her toys.
I have a big paper due for the next class, so this week I will be working on that and getting us all ready for our trip to SC to see my Dad and Julie and my Aunt Linda and Uncle Ed. We are very excited about our road trip. Addie is going to have a blast!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

What a cutie-pie!!!!

Not too sure if you all remember the story about the Jazzercise thing I am doing each week, but just to catch you up.......I am watching the kids in the nursery at a local Jazzercise right beside my house Mon. Wed, and Fridays for one hour in the morning. I do get a little money and I get free Jazzercise, which I have come to really enjoy. I originally told the lady that I wanted to do it two times a week, but she was about to have a third baby and really needed someone to help her out, so I told her I would do Friday's too until she could find someone else. Well, she never found someone else. The baby is 2 1/2 months old and I am still there three times a week. Want to hear the worst part? She is now dropping her three kids off with me while she teaches the morning class. A seven year old, an eight year old, and a 2 MONTH old! Let's not forget that I also bring Addie to this thing as well, and there is one 4 year old girl that is there every day. So......I now watch 5 kids for one hour three times a week......AND Addie hates it when I hold the baby! What a nightmare! I am a big ball of stress when I leave there, and I don't see an end to it. The lady practically avoids conversation with me because I think she knows I am on the verge of walking out. I once left a note regarding her trying to find someone else for fridays....and she never even responded! I know...I know....why am I being such a wimp? Well, I hate, its free Jazzercise! YUCK! So....Im off to get little girl ready to whine and cry while I hold a baby for an hour this morning....wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I couldn't resist........

and man....I am in love!

After insisting that I rock her for 30 minutes before her afternoon nap, Addie finally fell asleep and this was how I left her in her crib just a few minutes ago....My mom kept telling me as we prepared for her arrival..."you'll never know a love like you'll have for your daughter....". She knew what she was talking about....I couldn't love her any more......and Tim would agree.....

Addie plays with Emily....

Yesterday Addie and I went to the Maizel's house to play with Abby and Emily and Mrs. Maizel. It was a lot of fun. Their home is so beautiful and sits right on the water. Addie of course loved their pool. Emily had grown so much since we saw her last. It was such a fun time! This is the view from their pool and patio area. Isn't it amazing..........I could sit right there for hours and just take in the view.........

This morning we spent some time trying to find another vet for our animals since we weren't particlularly happy with the support we received from the previous vet clinic. Couldn't I just find a nice down-home country vet who really cares about his patients and their owners? Kind of like the vet in the movie "Funny Farm"? I guess not.......I wasn't all that impressed with the clinics I visited. None of the actual doctors had time to talk to me, which tells me a lot about them to begin with. Oh well....guess we will visit some more tomorrow......Addie is in this stage where she HATES to have her diaper changed. She crawls away from me as soon as she sees me coming with a diaper and wipes and the whole time I am changing her, she screams and twists and usually I wind up with poop all over my hands and a crooked diaper on my baby! It is such a fun experience.....

Monday, August 4, 2008

Keeping busy, but still not walking!

Addie loves her Grandaddy Click and she even shares her cheerios with him sometimes..... She is the happiest little girl.....most of the time!
Finally, Tim got the chance to go swimming with us this weekend and see how much his little fish loves the water! You have to watch her really well because she will try and get away from you! She thinks she can swim! I try and get her in a pool as often as possible. Hopefully, it will help her get used to the water and it also wears the little monkey out and she sleeps so well!
No fear, I tell ya......she loves the water!
Do you think I can get anything done when she is around? Nope.....she loves to bang on the key board and watch the screen move!

Addie is still not extremely interested in the whole walking thing yet. She is pulling up more and more, but she would much rather you carry her, or crawl from place to place. Yesterday Tim and I took her to the mall to try and find a pair of shoes for her little feet. Since June, her feet have grown a half size and her little sandals are starting to get snug. You would think, with over 20 pairs of shoes in her closet (from her cousins or from yardsaling), I could find one pair that would work for the time being, but no......none that will fit a size 4 1/2 foot! Unfortunately, with the tax-free weekend, all the sizes had been picked over and we couldn't find a pair there either! Poor girl, guess she will be barefoot for a little while. Good thing she doesn't walk!
Today we are going to visit with one of the wives of Tim's fraternity brothers and her little girl Emily. Abby and Ben have been good friends of ours and Emily is only about 7 months older than Addie! We are going to go swimming and enjoy a nice lunch!