Thursday, August 14, 2008

Playdate after playdate.....

Addie and I were so busy yesterday trying to get the last observation done for my case study paper that I need to have done before I leave on Saturday......(yeah right! thats going to happen) A girl in my class came over with her little boy, Ethan, to play with Addie. We are doing a comparison on the social-emotional/cognitive development of the two babies. They are so cute together, both very protective of each other's toys and thier mommies. Anyways, we got lots of good notes and things to write about, but now I need to find the time to put it all on paper.
Addie is going to play with her Pop Pop while I exercise this morning, and then she will spend the night with her Mamaw while Mommy and Daddy have a date!!!!!!!!! I am very excited about our date. I may even do my hair and make-up for my hubbie! It has been quite a long time since Tim and I have made some time for ourselves. I am so thankful she does so well at my mom's! Plus, my mom is dieing to keep her overnight before she heads back to school. Hope they have some fun! Wish me luck on my paper, and laundry, and packing! Whew....I have soooooooo much to do!

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