Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Monday......

As soon as Addie gets out of her crib now from naps she points to her shelf with all of her stuffed animals and makes me take her over there to pick out her favorite. She usually picks out the same one...a bunny from my cousin Paul David and his wife Jaime...unless I forget to put it back up there.... Like father like daughter.....can you guess they are watching NOGGIN, not SportsCenter!
She was in such a silly mood last night....
And, if you haven't seen one of her mean faces yet...well, here you go....I'm tellin ya...she has got some attitude!
She did not like Daddy sitting in her chair!

Today is the day that all of the teachers return to school to get their classrooms ready for the start of the school year. Last year at this time, I was overwhelmed with breastfeeding and caring for a new baby so I didnt really miss the whole heading back to school thing. We live right beside the school I taught at, so I drive by it everyday. Luckily, they hauled my portable classroom off right after I moved out because they didnt need it anymore, so I don't have to look at it. However, today I will drive by and see all of the familiar vehicles of my friends and my not-so-much friends as they attend the first faculty meeting of the year and then all part ways to get their lesson plans in order and their desks wiped clean for the new students they will get in a week or so. Tim asked me yesterday as we drove by the school if I missed it......and of course I miss it. It was my only avenue for some adult socialization, and I was a pretty good teacher, or atleast I would like to think so. I wouldn't change my situation for the world because I do realize I am doing one of the most impt jobs in the world right now, but that doesnt mean I dont get to miss it. So.....I'll be a little sad today, and then even more so next Tuesday as the yellow school buses drive down my street and take all the hoodlums to school!

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