Friday, August 1, 2008

Where have we been?

So after a pretty crazy start to our week, I decided to continue with my previously made plans and head out of town for a night to visit the Maynors. I promise to post about our visit in a few days. I also promised to post some pictures of tiny Addie with some of her favorite people. I will get to that too......promise! Wow...lots of promises....hope I remember them all. I have a few pictures taken in the last few days I will share first. This is Addie having breakfast Tuesday morning just before we headed to the pool.
This is Addie swimming with her cousins, Skylar and Lakyne, and Tim's Aunt Net....she so loves the pool!
Proof that Addie can and does hold her very own bottle now.......the sippy cup is our next challenge, but can you see how much she loves that bottle?

Here Addie is trying to get close to Bailey, who never allows her to get near him......she loves animals and event tries her hardes to say "kitty"....

Finally, this is Addie at breakfast with me and some friends yesterday morning. She decided she liked David's hat and allowed it to remain on her head for a few minutes.

Yesterday, Addie started saying..."Thank you", or something really close to it. I think I must say those words to her 20 times a day, whenever she hands me something or does something nice, so.......she is trying really hard to get the words out. Its adorable!

Today, we will relax around the house and maybe visit with some family later. Thanks to everyone who sent us well wishes about our kitty cat...noone knows better how it feels to lose an animal than an animal lover himself....

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