Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Addie has some friends over....

I turned around yesterday and this is where I found her.....and that box was full of building blocks she just plummeted down on.....
Here is Katelyn and Addie, and yes, she is wearing the same outfit as yesterday........we have been really layed back about getting dressed these past couple of days, and that little outfit is just so cozy!
And here is Tyler being silly for the camera......he loves to show off!

Today was a pretty long day. I tried and tried to upload some pictures this morning but the computer just would not cooperate. This is the first time I have had the chance to sit down and try it again. I watched my friend Michelle's little boy Tyler today because his kindergarten class does this weird step program the first week of school where half the children go one day and the other half go the next. Tyler went yesterday and so he was off today. Michelle and I still can't figure out what they expect working parents to do with the little ones on the days they aren't in school. I decided to help her out since I didnt have anything major that had to be done today, and she was pretty desperate! He really was no problem at all and actually entertained Addie for me really well. My friend Stephanie also came over for a while with her two kids, Jack and Katelyn. They are very well behaved and everyone played so well together. Katelyn and Addie are only 9 months apart and will actually start school the same year. All in all, it was a pretty quiet day. Tim and I stayed up really late last night watching a movie we rented (first one in a year), so.....both of us sort of dragged today! No plans for tomorrow either. It looks like things are finally starting to slow down around here. Im not sure if that is a good thing or not!

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