Sunday, August 3, 2008

Addie visits her friend Lily.......

Wow, these two are going to have a great time getting into trouble together. I can see it now!
Lily is a little climber! I have NEVER seen a child do this and LOVE doing it so much! She climbs everything and she has no fear......Kristy and Brian have to keep a close eye on her, or else she could get herself into a little predicament!
Addie stands patiently at the bottom of the stair case.....too scared to event try and follow Lily!
"Wait Lily, come back......let's just play down here!"

Wednesday Addie and I ventured to the Maynors to visit for the day/night. I was so tired from our crazy week, but really needed to just get away and relax. We always have a good time with Kristy and Lily! The girls still pretty much play on their own and ignore each other, but they do seem to recognize one another now. I am very excited to see them grow up together and see if they will like each other like we hope! Lily's first birthday is right around the corner!

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