Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some more of my favorites from the wee baby days.....

Here are a few more of my favorites from those first few months......
This is the first time Addie got to meet Kristy.....she and Brian came up to the hospital the day after Addie was born. Lily would be entering the world just about 4 weeks later.
Can you believe how tiny she was? I was sooooo scared to bathe her. I even got in the tub with her because I didnt want her to be too far away from me in all that water!
Addie absolutely loved her bouncey seat and spent quite a bit of time in it while I pumped after each bottle feeding! YUCK! Im so glad those days are behind us!
Addie in her very first swim suit! She was so little! I miss the little baby she was back then, but she sure is so much fun now and every day we see her do something new!

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