Sunday, August 31, 2008

Zoo Day......

Welcome to the Norfolk Zoological Park Addie!

And my favorite snap shot we got all day........
What a face! How can you resist? Can you tell she was SCARED to DEATH? The girl is a big chicken!

Tim and I took Addie to the zoon yesterday and what an adventure we had! First of all, it was soooo hot! We lathered her up in lotion and tied a hat on her little head and off we went! There were these giant fountains that kids were allowed to play in at the beginning, so we spent some time getting sprayed by the water to cool us down a little. She wasn't too sure what to think about that! She was so cute when she saw the animals at first. She would sort of jump and look up to see if we saw them and then just point that little finger and garble something or another as if to say "look you see that?" Despite the heat, she was such a trooper! She got a small plastic monkey at the gift shop and the whole way home she stared at that thing and growled at it! It was hilarious! Then, at home, she refused to nap....just too darn excited, I guess!

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