Saturday, August 9, 2008

Daddy and Addie Weekend Part II

No pictures yet, but I will lay out the camera today while I am in class, and maybe Tim will see a cute opportunity for a photo shoot! All is well in the Hewitt household. I am drinking my morning coffee, getting ready to blow dry my hair, and Tim and Addie are still snoozing away. She was sound asleep when I got home last night, so I havent even gotten a glimpse of her since yesterday afternoon....and I miss her! My class is soooooooo boring.....I got on Dateline NBC and spent hours reading the transcripts of murder mysteries....yes, it is that bad! Its a psychology class, so......not to offend anyone, but I find it to be a bunch of mumbo jumbo that anyone could come up with and become this famous psychologist....but...I guess I better learn it anyway. It will be on my comps next year! Better get going....its going to be a long day!

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