Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter with my munchkins...

We had a very eventful Easter this year.  It seems like things never slow down around here.  Before I know it, it's been a whole month since I blogged, and I am overwhelmed with things I want to share with everyone!  These pictures were taken at Northwest River Park for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt they put on each year.  It was rather cold that day, so Hayes had a hard time getting rid of his grumpy face, but Addie was all smiles as she met the Easter Bunny himself!

Easter morning is so much fun with two little ones.  They raced to the front porch to see if the bunny had hopped down our street in the middle of the night and left them a surprise!  Sure enough, he had been there!

We went to church and dyed eggs with Mamaw and Grandpa Dave and had a super fun easter egg hunt with Skylar and Lakyne at Ga Ga and Pop Pop's house!  It was a very nice Easter for all!