Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hayes gets some visitors...

We are still alive but very busy these days! I have had no time at all to blog about all of our adventures. Hopefully, as I get to be a better juggler, and we actually settle into a routine of some sort, I will get to share some stories with you all. Little Hayes is such a good baby. He sleeps most of the time and only cries when he is hungry or needs a diaper change. This is very different from baby Addie that is for sure! He has had many visitors over the last three weeks. People came to the hospital and have dropped by the house to visit him, bringing delicious meals, thoughtful gifts, and much needed company to two very tired parents and an often, bored two-year old! As I have said before, we are blessed to have very supportive family and friends!

Anna and Matt (from Richmond/Maryland)

Papaw and Granny (Tim's grandparents)

Daddy and Hayes

Grandpa Dave

Mom (Mamaw)

Ga Ga (Tim's mom)

Uncle Tommy (Tim's brother)

Sharolyn, Skylar, and Lakyne (Tommy's wife and two girls)


Michelle (my good friend from high school)

Don't worry...Addie is still getting plenty of attention. She is doing great with Hayes and is always trying to find ways to "help" me. Today she held the tubing to my breast pump the entire time I pumped...boy was she proud to "help Momma with her boobies"! Not long after this helpful encounter, I spotted her sitting on the couch forcing one of her baby dolls to "eat her belly button". I'm not too sure she understands it all, but it sure is cute!

Friday, September 18, 2009

What a day!

Friday, September 4, 2009.......Tim and I pose for a picture about an hour after I have received the Pitocin and 3 hours before I was given the epidural. The pain was not bad at this point...note I was still smiling! My nurses made sure I was pretty comfortable until it was my turn to be seen by the doctor with the "drugs"! However, if you go by the look on Tim's face, you would think I was moaning and screaming before the camera flashed...He looks scared to death!
About 8 hours later, little Hayes Timothy made his way into the world. I only pushed for 13 whole minutes and out he came! He was ready to meet us!
I think Tim still had a hard time believing he finally had a son...He must have taken a million shots of the little guys private area....Yes, honey, he has male parts...he is all boy, and he is yours!

My mom snapped this photo about 8:30 the night Hayes was born. She went home and brought Addie up to the hospital to meet him. It is probably one of the most special moments of my life, following their births of course. I have never felt this happy and complete! Addie was in utter awe over her new little brother!

My sweet baby girl is one heck of a big sister! It's like he has always been there...

Addie seems to love having Hayes around and is always asking to hold him or kiss him or hug him. When I wake her up in the morning, the first thing she says when she sees me now is "where's Hayes?" She doesn't really seem jealous yet, although she did ask me to "hold me like a baby mama" last night after her bath. Otherwise, she just wants to help and take part in taking care of him as much as possible. I, on the other hand, am praying for more patience as I juggle the both of them on very little sleep these days. Sometimes her "help" makes my job that much harder, and I have to remember that she just wants to participate. Little "Addieisms" that were annoying before but didn't really bother me, are often now the tiny spark that sets me off with her! Bless her little heart! So, I am working on patience....and breastfeeding...and taking care of a baby with unfamiliar anatomy... and trying my hardest to remember who to send thank-you cards to! Whew! What a day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hayes Timothy Hewitt 9-4-09 8lbs 6oz

He's finally home and doing well...and cute as cute can be!
Addie loves to hold her little brother and asks for us to take her "pickcha" every time she gets her hands on him.
Hayes is ready to venture home...

and Daddy is so thankful he is healthy and ready to leave the hospital on time! Does Tim look proud or what?

Our little Hewitt Family of Four....

Yesterday afternoon as we drove back from Hayes' first doctor's appointment with both kids in tow, I turned around to face Addie in the backseat and was suddenly overwhelmed with so much emotion. I couldn't hold back the tears and just knew that Tim was going to think I was already starting to go a little nutty with the baby blues! As I looked back into the back of the car and saw my sweet little girl sitting next to her new baby brother, it became very clear to me how blessed I am. Everything I have always wanted in life was in that car...a wonderful husband and even better father to our little ones...a sweet little daddy's girl...and a handsome little mama's boy...Is this for real? What have I done to deserve such perfection? I am a very happy person these days....despite the sleep deprivation and utter exhaustion that we face with a newborn and a curious 2-year old...I am loving every minute of it!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Time's up in 2 days!

No, she is not potty training, but occasionally she likes to ask to sit on the "big pot", and I amuse her hoping it will help when we do tackle the task. Doesn't she look so proud?

Yes, in the last few weeks, as my patience and creativity has grown weak and weary, I have given in and handed over the rights to the paci. She no longer says goodbye to it as we leave her bed behind, but rather keeps it close by EVERYWHERE we go. I just do not have the strength to fight this battle, especially since just keeping the little drama queen happy for any solid amount of time has become challenging these days. She is however, aware that it is not suppose to be in her mouth and reminds me every hour or so that "I not suppose to have this...its for babies!".....AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Here it is 2:30 am... 2 days away from my scheduled induction at the hospital and probably one of the last nights in my own bed since they will more than likely go ahead and admit me tomorrow night to the hospital....and I CAN'T SLEEP! Just like clockwork, I wake up at 2:00 to use the facilities, he starts to stir in my belly and proceeds to try and kick through the wall of my uterus for the next hour or so...but like I said, I am soak in these last few hours as an expecting mother!

I must admit though, that as my days as a responsible mother of one tiny being come to an end, I am just about as terrified as I was the first time around. All of that confidence I have managed to accumulate over the last two years has suddenly dissappeared, and I am scared to pieces of taking on TWO of these little monsters...oh....did I say that?...little monkies is what I meant to say! So, I'll keep sending up little prayers over the next two days and you all do that as well, and hopefully, He will make sure we are all taken care of on Friday as well as when they let me bring him home! Can't wait to post some pictures and introduce our little man!