Thursday, September 3, 2009

Time's up in 2 days!

No, she is not potty training, but occasionally she likes to ask to sit on the "big pot", and I amuse her hoping it will help when we do tackle the task. Doesn't she look so proud?

Yes, in the last few weeks, as my patience and creativity has grown weak and weary, I have given in and handed over the rights to the paci. She no longer says goodbye to it as we leave her bed behind, but rather keeps it close by EVERYWHERE we go. I just do not have the strength to fight this battle, especially since just keeping the little drama queen happy for any solid amount of time has become challenging these days. She is however, aware that it is not suppose to be in her mouth and reminds me every hour or so that "I not suppose to have this...its for babies!".....AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Here it is 2:30 am... 2 days away from my scheduled induction at the hospital and probably one of the last nights in my own bed since they will more than likely go ahead and admit me tomorrow night to the hospital....and I CAN'T SLEEP! Just like clockwork, I wake up at 2:00 to use the facilities, he starts to stir in my belly and proceeds to try and kick through the wall of my uterus for the next hour or so...but like I said, I am soak in these last few hours as an expecting mother!

I must admit though, that as my days as a responsible mother of one tiny being come to an end, I am just about as terrified as I was the first time around. All of that confidence I have managed to accumulate over the last two years has suddenly dissappeared, and I am scared to pieces of taking on TWO of these little monsters...oh....did I say that?...little monkies is what I meant to say! So, I'll keep sending up little prayers over the next two days and you all do that as well, and hopefully, He will make sure we are all taken care of on Friday as well as when they let me bring him home! Can't wait to post some pictures and introduce our little man!


Jarah said...

Good luck Carrie and the rest of your little crew! I'll be thinking about you while I'm on the road Friday! Love you!!

The Bryant Family said...

I feel you girl :) Your little monkeys will be OK and you all WILL make it through this! You are a fantastic momma. You know you have a cheerleader on your side, we gotta root on each other as we venture down this uncharted path to "round 2" ;) Be sure to take in those last few flips and jabs! Love you!!!

The Bryant Family said...

Oh yeah, on those paci's....I think we will get rid of them someday before pre-K!!! ;)

livingsj77 said...

I'll be thinking about you Carrie. Don't worry, I'm sure it's like riding a will all come back to you the moment you hold that little monster. And they are little monsters so it's ok to call them that! Love ya girl.

Kellie said...

Thinking about you!