Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tadaaaaaa! The Nursery is ready and waiting!

One of my favorite parts about decorating my babies' rooms was painting the letters of their names to go above their cribs. I tried hard to get them to match the curtains and the bedding, and I think they turned out pretty darn cute!

Once again, my Mamaw's rocking chair sits in front of the crib for late-night feedings and cuddlings I envison in my near future. My step-dad refinished the chair and my mom and him had it recovered before Addie was born. I have already spent countless hours in that chair with a babe in my arms when the rest of the world was fast asleep. I can't wait to rock my baby boy in that chair!
I think the colors of the room turned out looking really good together. I love the traditional colors for baby girls and baby boys, so of course I went with a soft blue for most of his walls, but since I also wanted to be able to utilize some of the soft green I had in Addie's nursery, we decided to paint the top of the walls with a very light green. This allowed me to use the changing table covers, lamp, sheets, baskets, and a few other things I had purchased for Addie's room and saved me some money too!

I had to include a shot of his closet, which is also ready and waiting for his arrival! Come on little man, we are all ready for you!

I feel very lucky to have had the chance to decorate a baby girl's nursery and a baby boy's nursery! With Addie's room, I got so much help from family and friends and really didn't have to watch what I spent. This time around was a little more challenging, but you would never know it. It looks just as adorable as I imagined in the beginning. I took my time, found things on sale and at yard sales, and recruited my mom's help with making some cute little curtains to spice up the soft blue and green colors! I am very happy with how it turned out! Now, let's just get ourselves a baby boy to use it...

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Jarah said...

It's so cute Carrie! I'm glad it all came together!!