Friday, August 28, 2009

BEWARE.....Belly Shots Below!

Unfortunately, I am not one to have professional belly/pregnant shots taken to capture this precious moment. I wouldn't pay 5 dollars for a picture like that. I do not have the prettiest pregnant belly I have ever seen. Addie likes to point to all of my freckles on my swollen belly and say "uh oh....uh oh....uh oh" a million times as if I am covered in hideous boo boos! So...beware of the shots below, but I think the baby boy would appreciate the blog introduction at some point before his birth! At the present time, Addie does seem to "love" her "lil bro" as she calls him. She pats my belly and kisses it and says she is going to hold him and give him her paci's.....yeah right....poor little man better keep his little paws off that paci..who knows how she will react!!!

I am 37 Weeks and 1 day a long today, and it has been a HOT HOT summer folks! As I sat and felt this little man moving or better yet, romping around in my tummy last night, I tried to remind myself to slow down and enjoy these last few weeks. This is the last time I will ever feel "special" in this way again, and I have looked forward to these days all of my life. I get very emotional thinking about how my time as an expecting mother is almost over, and how very blessed I am to have been able to experience it twice without any major complications or problems. I do not take that for granted! Having said that...I am feeling very tired and very uncomfortable these last few days and am also looking forward to getting my body back and starting to take better care of myself. My doctor mentioned yesterday that he would like to think about inducing my labor in the 39th week so that I could get on a round of antibiotics before labor begins. This is a precautionary measure to hopefully avoid Addie's situation with the fever and mysterious illness after birth. I'm all for it! That means we may have a second little man in the Hewitt household in just two short weeks! YIKES!


Kellie said...

Yeah Carrie!!! I am so excited for you. I can't wait to see pictures and meet the little guy.

Grampy said...

Hi Carrie! Lookin' GOOD (YOU AND THE NURSERY). . . We're hoping to see you guys VERY early in Oct. (all FOUR of you!). . . Will be in the Tidewater area of a retirement event (for the husband of Morgan's step-daughter, Sherri). . . May fly to D.C. and rent a car to do our running about. . . Will let you know more when we know more. . . Luv to Tim, Addie, and Hayes!!! xxx UncleEd