Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Addison Leigh 7-17-07 !!!!

Finally, I got my camera back and can finish up the big birthday bash post....Thanks Anna!

This was the morning of the party, and Addie was very excited to wear her new birthday shirt from her Mamaw. She is eating her cereal and watching "Franklin" in the picture below, waiting for the party to start...
Bennetts Bakery made the cake for our party guests again this year. Pricey, but so yummy and worth every penny!
Addie anxiously awaits her special birthday cake and ice cream as we all get ready to sing to her. She loves the extra attention!

And she loves ice cream even more! Forget the cake, she'll take seconds on the ice cream though...

Even though she wasn't allowed to eat the big Elmo Cake...she made many successful attempts at taste testing the icing before the party. Can you see that sneaky smile? I just caught her...

Daddy doesn't mind joining in the festivities! He likes Elmo too!

She learned quickly that the packages were for her and quickly perfected the art of tearing into them!

Of course, Papaw and Precious attended the big bash...

and pizza from our favorite pizza joint was enjoyed by all!

What a great birthday party she had this year! She is loved by so many, and we are so lucky to have such supportive friends and family living so nearby!

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