Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Play time with Daddy..

Addie is feeling much better today and is hopefully going to be much more pleasant to hang out with than she has been the past couple of days. We are headed to Little Gym and then off to the Doctor's office for my check-up. I can always see the slight frown on the nurse's faces when I walk in the door with Addie in tow. She HATES nurses and all things doctor related, so she cries pretty much the whole time we are there. I just smile and apologize every once in a while, and then ignore her screeching, whining cries as if they are just part of my every day routine!
UPDATE: I just took a break from my post to get the little monster out of her crib and dressed, and she is still ROTTEN as ever. She is refusing to put her shirt on, saying she wants to be "nakey" at the "lil gym". I can tell its going to be a LONG day folks!

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Grampy said...

Hi Carrie. . . Going to see your Pa tomorrow -- thru Monday. . . I'm sure Mom and Dad are looking forward to visiting for the weekend. . . Any name yet for the new Master Hewitt?