Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sweet little baby doll..........

Addie has become particularly interested in baby dolls here lately. She will find one laying around, pick it up and proceed to rock it and pat it on the back. I think this may because of my mom and how she does this with a baby doll or stuffed animal when she is playing with Addie. Addie loves to mock people and thinks she is doing something extra special when she copies what you are doing. So...that has led to lots of time rocking and patting, and now even trying to feed the babies a little pretend bottle of juice. This baby doll was one of mine that mom brought over from her house. I used to play with this baby all the time, especially as I got older and loved playing house because I thought it looked so real! Tim thinks she is scary looking, but Addie doesn't seem to mind at all!

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