Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Friday Everyone.....

Addie has just started to really watch cartoons....she loves them!
Sorry Mom, I posted two of these pics and can't seemt o erase one! Addie loves playing blocks with her Mamaw!

Addie had a great time with her Mamaw yesterday and gets to see Ga Ga and Pop Pop this afternoon until Daddy picks her up after work. She loves playing with all the new toys they have!

Tim got off work at 7:30 yesterday and finally was home with Addie in tow around 8:00. Poor guy! Right after he fed her an 8 ounce bottle she coughed and coughed and threw it all up all over him. Then just as he finished cleaning up that......the dog barfed on our bedroom floor and he had to clean that up. By the time I walked through the door at 9:15, he was OVER it! Second night in a row where Addie got sick on him........I plan on calling the Dr. on Monday to see what we can do about it. It must have something to do with her reflux! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Who knows if I will have time to post with my class and all! No yardsaling tomorrow either- boo hoo! Next Saturday though, I will be ready to roll!

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