Monday, August 4, 2008

Keeping busy, but still not walking!

Addie loves her Grandaddy Click and she even shares her cheerios with him sometimes..... She is the happiest little girl.....most of the time!
Finally, Tim got the chance to go swimming with us this weekend and see how much his little fish loves the water! You have to watch her really well because she will try and get away from you! She thinks she can swim! I try and get her in a pool as often as possible. Hopefully, it will help her get used to the water and it also wears the little monkey out and she sleeps so well!
No fear, I tell ya......she loves the water!
Do you think I can get anything done when she is around? Nope.....she loves to bang on the key board and watch the screen move!

Addie is still not extremely interested in the whole walking thing yet. She is pulling up more and more, but she would much rather you carry her, or crawl from place to place. Yesterday Tim and I took her to the mall to try and find a pair of shoes for her little feet. Since June, her feet have grown a half size and her little sandals are starting to get snug. You would think, with over 20 pairs of shoes in her closet (from her cousins or from yardsaling), I could find one pair that would work for the time being, but no......none that will fit a size 4 1/2 foot! Unfortunately, with the tax-free weekend, all the sizes had been picked over and we couldn't find a pair there either! Poor girl, guess she will be barefoot for a little while. Good thing she doesn't walk!
Today we are going to visit with one of the wives of Tim's fraternity brothers and her little girl Emily. Abby and Ben have been good friends of ours and Emily is only about 7 months older than Addie! We are going to go swimming and enjoy a nice lunch!

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Stephanie said...

What a happy girl; she is sooo cute! I love that smile. You've got a real water baby on your hands. Looks like she is a real help with homework too!