Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lily comes for a visit......

Today Lily and Kristy came to visit for the day! Addie and Lily seem to recognize each other, but still aren't all that interested in really playing together. They often want to play with the same toys or atleast play beside one another, but playing together is not something they are into as of yet! Lily is definitely the little "boss" when they play. She seems to have the more dominant personality, and Addie just sort of lets her run the show.......When Lily goes for Addie's hair or to try and pat her on the head, Kristy yells for me to get her before she does it......She doesn't understand why I just let it happen, but what I am really trying to do is to get Addie to stick up for herself, or do something back to show that she won't put up with it, but she doesn't do a thing. She just sits there and takes it and sometimes ends up crying! Lily is brave and is always trying new things and not scared to try something out......and Addie is quite the opposite, which, if you consider the mommies, is quite funny. I'm definitely more outspoken than Kristy, who is sweet and quiet in most situations. If we were babies, I would be the one doing the hair pulling and telling her what to do! We always enjoy their visits though. They went to a Tides Baseball game with her husband's company and will be coming back here to spend the night! I'm excited to see them!

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