Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheesy Smiles!

Just a couple more from our trip to the water park:

Addie and I are tuckered out from our morning excursion to the zoo today. I figured I better take her now because the warmer it gets, the less likely I am going to want to trudge around that place. We were suppose to meet a friend and her little boy there, but unfortunately he got a weird rash this morning, and they had to cancel. So, it was just the little monkey and me! She is great company, so I didn't mind too much. She enjoys the animals more and more each time we visit. All the way there, she kept saying "animoles"......"not skeered"...."hold you momma"...."Addie see animoles".....I must say, very cute! Her favorites today were probably the elephants because they had them caged up under these giant windows where we could stand just above them and see. It was pretty cool! We wish Daddy could have been with us...he always gets really excited when we visit the zoo too!

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Christen said...

Addie is so cute in her little yellow swimsuit! Looks like ya'll had fun! :)