Monday, May 25, 2009

Family Vacation 2009

Last week, Tim and I took Addie to an overnight stay in a lodge about an hour away with an indoor waterpark in it. We will not be taking our normal week long vacation together this year because Tim will need the time off from work when the baby gets here. We decided to do something that Addie would enjoy with just the two of us since that will not be happening quite as much when her little brother arrives. At first, Addie wasn't too sure about the fountains and spraying water, but after long, she seemed to really enjoy herself. The puppet show and ice cream were also some of her favorites from the lodge that night. She is such a people watcher and spent a lot of time just sitting in a chair, drying off and watching all the other people play in the water.
Of course her goldfish came along with us, and in between swimming and wading in the pools, she snacked away and again, watched all the people!

The water was so warm. Addie and I must have sat in this raft for at least a good hour before the waves were turned on. She just rested her little head on my shoulder and watched everyone around us.

Tim slept with Addie in the "big" bed that was in our room, and I snuck away to the smaller bed to sleep alone and in peace! HA! This was what I found that morning when I snuck in with my camera after hearing Addie babble away about "pools" and "wa wa"....Tim was definitely not ready to wake up yet! He said she was not very much fun to sleep with!

The night just flew by so fast, and I was actually a little sad that it had come and gone so quickly. We had all been looking forward to this night for some time. I am sure Addie will enjoy herself even more next year after she gets used to swimming and the water a little more. We plan on going back on a regular basis. It is such a clean, safe, family place so close to our home.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day today and remembering those who have sacrificed so much for our country! Tim is working today to earn some extra money, and Addie and I spent the morning running errands with my mom. She is currently in her crib, singing the "Teddybear" song, trying very hard not to fall asleep for her naptime! I'll share some more pictures from our trip next time I post!

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livingsj77 said...

Looks like fun...I would like to go there. Is it affordable? I wanted to call you all weekend, but time escaped me. Are you making a trip to Richmond soon? Do you need a place to stay? Let me know when you're coming, we'd love to see you.