Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We are having a BOY!!!

I have been trying to get my scanner to cooperate because I wanted to include these pictures in my post when I announce that we have a boy on the way! Tim, of course, is over the moon! He couldn't believe it when she told him he had a son coming...and to tell you the truth, I would have placed bets on a girl. For some reason, and not because I have not been blessed a gazillion times in my lifetime, I thought a girl AND a boy was much too perfect to happen to me! Well, here is the proof, I was wrong again! I know its hard to see in these pictures, especially if you haven't studied them for several years in a row like myself, but the first image actually shows two views of his little "man part", as if he were sitting on a glass table and you were looking up at his little booty. The tiny arrows point out the fun parts! This was a profile shot she got of him with his arm up by his head, as if waving to us! Hard to see Im sure, but plain as day to me! Welcome baby boy!

We have been a little under the weather here at the Hewitt household this last week. Tim ended up having a small case of pneumonia, which had him out of commission for most of the week. The computer was the last thing on my mind with little Addie all to myself! I did manage to get some pictures and will post those as soon as I get a chance. I just wanted to share our wonderful news this morning before we head to story-time, even though many of you have heard by now!


Trish said...

Oh I am so happy for you both. Boys are so wonderful and messy ;) I am sorry hubby was under the weather, if and when the sun decides to come out some good ol sunshine will do him good. Congrats again!

Just Donya said...

So very happy for you all.... You deserve it.Never doubt that.