Friday, May 15, 2009

Bath Time!

We discovered the other night that Addie loves mommy's BIG bathtub with the bubbles (jets), and that when she takes a bath with me, bath time isn't such a nightmare. Plus, the paci also helps the situation a bit! And yes, I still let her suck on that thing when I just can't seem to make her happy enough to stop whining! As a matter of fact, my 22 month old child still has a crib bumper in her crib so that the 5 or so pacifiers cannot fall out in the middle of the night through the slats in the crib, resulting in a screaming child in the middle of the night! I am a pretty pathetic soul, I know, but I sure love my sleep....and if that means a 3 year old with a pacifier in her mouth, well, then so be it!

Don't ya just love this little nightgown! She is such a little girly girl. I cannot believe she will be turning two in a little over two months. She is growing like a weed and starting to say pretty much anything she hears that comes out of our mouths. And boy is she stubborn! She has to be the most strong-willed little lady I have ever seen. Tonight is Daddy and Addie night as I head to my second-to-last graduate course ever! Hopefully, they have a great time and Addie takes it easy on Tim since he has had to work out in the pouring rain today :(! Have a great weekend everyone!


Trish said...

You sound just like me! Adam was a little over 3 when he got rid of his paci's he also had a crib bumper for the exact same reason. If it makes her happy then so be it! Adam gave his paci up early last year and he is fine and so I am! Let her have it she is only little once ;)

hbryant00 said...

I am glad that I am not the only one out there :) We too have the bumper up and multiple paci's...and I was a paci kid too, I think I gave it up around 3 so we still have hope! Addie is too sweet!

Emily said...

I have a terrible confession-Madeline (my 13 year old) secretly took a paci until she was 6! She had a plastic ice cream bucket full of them.
I agree with Trish-let her have it she IS only little once. Claire doesn't take a paci, she sucks her two middle fingers on her right hand and I can't take those away! :)