Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mommies and Babies play at the Hewitts...

Finally, I am able to get these pictures posted from my weekend with my girlfriends and their toddlers. The picture below is of Addie hugging Heather's little boy, Lucas. She really liked him. Below is Ainsely telling Addie that she wants her to MOVE! Ainsley has the same chair in pink at her house and I think she thought it followed her here!

Ainsely (Jaime's), Lucas (Heather's), Grayson (Shanna's), and Addie all share the chair for a few pictures...

The babies all enjoyed playing Ring Around the Rosies . Although some of them took longer than others to get the whole fall down part......Addie!

Even the Mommies joined in the fun!

Overall, the little ones played really well together. There were some sharing issues, and of course we had a hard time keeping up with pacies and sippy cups and blankies. We basically gave up on trying to keep them away from each other by the end of the night. They all slept pretty well considering they were in a strange place and it wasn't always as quiet as we would have liked it to be for all of them. Almost every room in our house had a baby in it!
It was very interesting to see their little personalities. Addie is definitely the little follower. She sort of sits back and watches and does what every one else is doing. Ainsley is boss lady. She has the strongest little personality and is so smart. Grayson is all boy. He will bulldoze over anyone in his way. That little boy is so easy going. Little Lucas is a Momma's boy with the cutest smile ever. He and Addie are very much a like. It isn't hard to tell which Mommy each of them belongs to, thats for sure!
It was such a nice time and I feel very blessed to have such great friends from college still in my life almost 9 years later! I have made a final decision, however, I don't think Tim and I will be having four kids in a row!

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