Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Addie's First Snow!

Monday we had a dusting of snow here finally after several years of not having even some flurries! Everyone around here was very excited...even if it did barely cover the grass. I was anxious to get Addie up and see what she thought of the white stuff. Needlesstosay, after battling over the wardrobe for over half an hour (she hates layers and refused to let me put the boots and gloves on at first), we finally made it outside! Doesn't she look thrilled?

I remembered this little infant sled that she got from her cousins and I decided to give that a shot! She loved it! It was, however, tiring for me, running back and forth over the wet, front yard as she yelled "moe", meaning "more" in her language.

Because it had rained the three days before our "snow", the ground was nice and muddy and wet. Addie only had to fall one time and get soaked before she was cold and miserable and just plain uncomfortable. She still managed to throw a gigantic temper tantrum though when I took her inside, pointing at the sled at the bottom of the porch steps saying "Riiiiide"! Next time we get some snow, I'm going to see if Tim will take the day off and play with her outside! It was a lot of fun to watch her experience it for the first time, and I am just so thankful I was able to do it.

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livingsj77 said...

You guys should come to Richmond, we got a foot...and poor Ainsley didn't play in at all. How do you have the right attire? I have no snow clothes for her.