Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday at the Park!

Ok....Anna and Mamaw, since you so politely reminded me that I needed to update the blog....here are a few pictures from our adventures at the park on Sunday.

Addie and I are very excited that it is starting to get warm again. She loves being outside and everyday stuck inside can get old quickly. We are looking forward to picnics and sunshine on a daily basis!
Tim and I took her to the city's "Fun Forest" on Sunday. She had been there a few times last Spring to enjoy the nice swings they had there, but she was not yet mobile. It was so much fun to see her running around investigating the place. You could just see her mind racing! The picture above is of her swinging in a big girl swing for the first time. She caught on quickly and really liked it!
It was such a beautiful day and she had so much fun that I took her back today and will share some of those pictures later this week.

Can you believe how tall she is getting? We are amazed at how many words she is using these days. She must learn a new word every hour! This weekend I am planning on a road trip with Addie to visit my good friends David and Leslie in Culpeper, VA. I taught my first year at Culpeper High with Leslie and we have been close friends ever since. She has two boys very close in age to Addie, and I always have such a nice, relaxing time at her beautiful home in the country. Addie and I will miss Tim of course, but I'm sure he will appreciate some time to himself too! I'll try and post again before we head out with some of our pictures from the park today! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather as we are!

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hbryant00 said...

It looks like you guys had such a great time :) I love the picture of Addie and you on the swing, too cute!