Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What have we been up to?

These are a couple of pictures we got of Addie playing at the play yard at the mall. She loves this place!

I think this may have been the longest I have ever gone without updating my blog. I just haven't had many opportunities to get any new pictures and really don't have much to share since it has been pretty quiet around here. Tim and I had a really nice time at the lake last weekend. It was very nice to be lazy and just hang out with each other without all of the daily interruptions life seems to throw at you. We were total bums all weekend, and we both really missed Addie a lot. So, we headed back early on Sunday to pick her up and spend the rest of the day playing with her and watching the Superbowl! What a great game!
Addie is getting some molars in the back of her little mouth, so she has been pretty difficult to be around the last week or so, but....hey....we are used to Miss Fussy Britches around here! I can imagine that it really hurts. She is talking more and more these days and even puts some words together. She can say "Bye Bye Car" and "Bye Bye Da Da" and "Bye Bye Dog"......She learns a new word every day, and although she doesnt pronunciate the word too well, you can definitely understand what she is saying. Just in the last day or so she has started asking for a "bite" of whatever it is that we are eating. This is HUGE! She is such a picky eater and mealtime around here is so difficult. I would love for her to branch out some more in that department......I can hear my Dad now....."If she's hungry, she'll eat...."!!!! I know Dad.....I've tried that route, but the thing is, she doesn't eat, and then she gets really grouchy, and then the real fun begins! I would rather just feed her what she wants and have a happy baby! So, Tim and I are excited that she is starting to get interested in what we are eating. I will try and get more pictures in the next couple of days. She is growing so fast...and that head of hair she has is out of control!

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