Thursday, April 23, 2009

West Virginia fun!

I thought I would share some pictures from our trip last week to the mountains. My grandparents have always lived in this small old coal-mining town called Berwind in West Virginia. I spent almost every holiday and a lot of summer time in that tiny town growing up. I can't begin to imagine living there now, but as a kid, I loved every second of the dirt, four wheelers, creek creatures, and farm-life! This is me, Addie and my Papaw enjoying the sunshine one morning as we looked at his garden down below the deck! He is a vegetable growin' fool! And I love him to pieces!
Addie discovered the trampoline while we were there, and boy did she love it! I'm going to have to pull the reigns back on mom to keep her from putting one up in her backyard. I can only imagine broken bones and lots of tears, unless I'm planted right in the middle of the thing. She could have spent hours on it though! What fun!

She still is quite fascinated with horses, so when my Aunt Brenda brought her this horse, who she called "Jack" right from the didn't take long for her to figure out how to "ride" him and hop around the yard!

Here is the only shot I got with my camera of Addie and I all dressed up for the surprise birthday part for my Aunt and Uncle on Saturday. She was such a doll! However, the fun only lasted for about 45 minutes. My mom and Addie twirled it up on the dance floor so much, and after a nice long chug of milk from her sippy cup, that dress wasn't so pretty anymore! She got so sick, right there in the middle of the banquet hall! Oh, what a nightmare! All over the place and all over my feet! Anyone who knows me, knows exactly how I feel about bodily fluids, especially throw-up! I was a mess! Thank goodness my Mom was there! An hour later, she was laying in the hotel bed with my mom in a diaper, chowing on goldfish....happy as ever. As mom said..."we are having our own party!" What a night!

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