Friday, April 3, 2009

It's starting to warm up around here...

Addie and I are really very excited about the warm weather. I am about to wrap up my graduate program just in time for some summer fun! She really does so well when we get a chance to spend some time outside and not so cooped up in the house for hours on end. I'm sure she will love my mom's pool again this summer, even more than last year since she is a little older!

This was such a cute picture I happened to snap while we were down in Florida. She loves to give out some hugs!
These two pictures were taken during one of our visits down to the barn. She acted scared of the animals, but she sure talks about them alot now! She still makes me sit her up in my lap to look at pictures from our trip!

What a cool picture this is....too bad I didn't put her boots and hat on her! That would have been awesome!

Addie is getting ready for a Saturday night slumber party at her Mamaw's (my mom) house. We are getting some work done on our kitchen this weekend, and we thought we could be more productive without her running around under our feet. Plus, the kitchen is out of commission at the moment, so I think she will be better fed over there! She loves spending the night there because she gets whatever she wants. Tim and I miss her, but its nice to have some time to ourselves sometimes too! Have a good weekend all!

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Grampy said...

Love the photos of Addie and Granddaddie -- and the video he showed us during our recent visit was to die for! Happy Easter to das Hewitts!