Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Computers drive me crazy!

The first picture was taken the other night when Addie got to go on a wagon ride with Tim and I after dinner. Her Mamaw spoils her and bought her that silly Elmo doll she is sitting with. Elmo has a little fake paci in his hand......she tries to suck on that thing constantly and just can't get it to stay put in her big ole mouth! It's really funny! The other pictures areof us at the park!

Grandma Julie- That is the little dress you sent up for her! Isn't it cute?

Well, it seems as though videos on my blog might be few and far between. I tried yesterday for quite a while to figure it out. For some reason, my Windows Media Player refuses to play videos I download to my computer. I might have to call Clif again and get him to help me....remember, he is the husband of my friend Jaime, who just so happens to be really good at all this computer stuff. He tried to help me last night, but I was still unsuccessful! Oh well, I knew I was pushing my luck with video.......It has been quite a feat learning all this blog stuff anyways, much less inserting video!

Well, its a rainy, yucky day here, and I have lots of packing up to do for our week at the beach next week! Hopefully, the rain stays away then.....keep your fingers crossed for us!

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