Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Poor little girl.......

Look at how tiny she was in her Daddy's arms. This was taken when she was just 8 weeks old! (Isn't he handsome, and he is such a great Daddy too!)

Well, it was bound to happen. Addie has finally gotten her first real cold! She has a green, yucky, runny nose.....and a small cough, and she looks down right pitiful! I am guessing this is the cold that Tim has had for the past week or so. Bless her little heart. She coughs and then she drags it out a little to get my attention, followed up by a precious, but tired little smile. I never realized how much stuff could come out of a small child's nose. It is by far one of the most amazing things I have seen. Just when I think we have it under control, here it comes again! Amazingly, she is in good spirits and doesn't seem to mind the slimy nose running, except for when I go to wipe her face for the umpteenth time! Poor thing....we are hoping to have it all under control before our company comes this weeknd. My friend, Jaime, her husband, Clif, and their little girl, Ainsley, are coming down for a night this weekend. The girls were born a week apart and haven't seen each other since they were only a couple of months old. We are excited to get them together. Would you believe that little Ainsley is walking around everywhere! I am hoping Addie will want to get up and follow her. Well, I might try and catch a little of my tivoed-Dateline that I missed last night and the night before and last week, well.......the last 10 months actually.............Say a little prayer for Addie!

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