Saturday, June 7, 2008

Welcome Home.....ready or not!

Well, the Hewitts are finally home and one day ahead of schedule too! What a wonderful week we had and we were so sad to see it coming to an end on Friday. For most of the morning Kristy and I tried not to remind each other that our wonderful week was almost over. We wanted our last day to be lots of fun! Then, it happened. Remember how I said I have this wierd panicky thing going on when it comes to throw up? Well, just as we were finished preparing a nice italian feast for our last night in the beach cottage, Addie got sick. When I say got sick, I mean, got violently ill all over herself, her high chair and her Daddy! She looked plain miserable. She also had a fever of 102.4 at that point, and that really stressed us out. We ended up packing up our things very quickly and heading home a little early. Both Tim and I just felt like we needed to be home near a hospital or atleast near a doctor, just in case she got worse. Plus, it always makes you feel better to be at home when you are not feeling well. With Kristy and Brian's help, we managed to pack up all of our things and load up the truck in less than 2 hours. We were headed this way by 9:00pm and in our own beds by 11:30. Addie is still not feeling herself, and her fever is still up and down, but she is holding down some liquid now. I hate it when she is sick like this. I hurt for her! Hopefully she will be her old self again real soon. I have lots of pictures to share and plenty of fun stories, so I will try and do that over the next week or so. The pictures above are of Addie and Lily on our last day......just a few hours before she got sick......She really had such a good morning and then all of a sudden, it just hit her. Keep her in your prayers. We missed talking/emailing/reading everyone's blogs this week!


ErinRagan said...

Welcome Home, Hewitts!

So sorry poor Addie is sick! that's no way to end a vacation!!! I hope she's feeling better soon.

Great pics!

by the way, I'm going out in the "big truck" again tonight. And I'm going to try to take some better pics of the inside... to satisfy your curiosity... b/c I'm such a good cousin. ROFL

You'll have to come visit sometime and go out in the truck with Nick... it's quite the adventure!

Lily said...

We are praying Addie is feeling better!

We miss you guys already!

"Eat more chiiicken"