Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Hewitts get some company....

Friday evening on their way down to the Outer Banks some good friends of mine stopped in to visit and to get some rest before finishing the trip down with two tired babies. Yes, I said TWO. My friends, Leslie and David, have a little boy who is about 6 months older than Addie and then they have another little boy who is just 6 months himself......Nathaniel and Mason. We started our first year teaching together, Leslie and I, and have never lost that close bond we formed during the course of that very challenging year. We have been through some of life's greatest, and not so greatest moments together and I just love her to death.......Although, I still can't imagine just what she was thinking when she got pregnant for the second time when Nathaniel was just 4 months old..........was I even showering at that time yet?

Here is Addie and Nathaniel visiting a little in the playroom yesterday morning! It was so good to see the babies and David andLeslie too!

I snapped this picture for Grandma Julie because she was wearing one of the little shirts she sent up for Addie! Isn't she cute? She looks so much like a little girl in this picture and I think a little more like myself here...........

Daddy and Addie had a great day yesterday. They spent some time with Ga Ga and Pop Pop playing and then took great naps to get ready for Mommy to come home. We took her out to dinner with us and she was such a good girl! Today we will tackle the grocery store and Tim mentioned taking her to the park since the smoke outside isnt as bad. I love Sundays with them both!

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