Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our sick little munchkin......so sad!

Well, we thought we were just about over this "stomach virus" she supposedly had, but when I got home last night, Tim said he had discovered this weird "rash" on her belly while he was giving her a bath. When I looked, I couldn't believe I missed it . The poor baby had these strange red patchy things all over her belly! Then I remembered that Kristy had mentioned these symptoms when Lily was sick with a fever, so I called her and got the scoop. Kristy said there is a virus going around called Roseola, and it is accompanied by a high fever, which is followed by a rash on the torso. I looked it up on the computer, and yes, it sounded just like what she has. So.....I decided to put her to bed and call the doctor in the morning. Luckily, little Lily did not have Roseola. Addie probably got it from one of the other kids we were around while out to eat or shopping at the stores. When I got her up this morning, she was plain miserable, and that rash isn't really suppose to be bothersome, so I took her into the doctor. She does indeed have Roseola...(great job Kristy....maybe you should become a pediatrician!), and she also has her very first ear infection! That explains the fussiness! Poor little baby! We are so sad for her and know she must feel so crummy. Her Mamaw met me at the doctor's and helped entertain her at the drugstore while I filled her prescription.......Mom seems to be pretty good at making the grumpy little girl smile! She has since had a bottle and her first dose of medicine and is now sweetly sleeping in her crib with her bootie straight up in the air! We just want her to start feeling better.......we have a big wedding to attend this weekend for my cousin, Bobby!

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