Friday, June 27, 2008

Mommy playtime and Papaw kisses......

Finally, Addie was feeling well enough to go to our weekly playgroup with some of our friends. We met at the play area in the mall. Addie is still a little small to really "play" there, but I did manage to let her touch the turtle for this picture before she got run over by the big kids!

Yesterday afternoon we went to my Mom's house for a late Father's Day dinner (we were at a wedding that weekend). Addie loves to sit on Papaw's knee and listen to him sing some of his old songs for her! Now remember, she doesn't really go to anyone but us, so this is a pretty big deal. She will sit on his knee for quite a while, just listening and bouncing! She loves Papaw's (or Grandaddy to her) sweet kisses!
Today I have class, so we have another Addie and Daddy weekend ahead of us...I know Tim is looking forward to it and I am just glad to get another one done. I have some more pictures from yesterday that I will post if Tim doesn't break out the camera!

By the way, the cute little dress was a gift from my cousin, Heather, the best dressed girl I know! Thanks Heather...she looked like a little "diva" today!


livingsj77 said...

I think Ainsley has that exact same dress. Is it Carter?

Lily said...

Get your work done so we can come play next week (: We miss you both!!