Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just my opinion.......

but if I were you, I would stay far, far away from the act of having your own yard sale. Let someone else do the work, and just be particularly careful when shopping and do not buy anything you would not have the need for in the near future and would suddenly have the urge to sell at a yard sale. What a brilliant pain in the you know what! And not only for myself and my wonderful husband, but also our parents, and several other members of our family, like our Aunt Net, Uncle Dink, Ken, Brittany.....and even the pups! They all helped us out because it ends up being quite a bit of work, and we didn't really make any significant amount of money. To tell you the truth, we ended up selling most of Tim's contributions, and the things his parents sent over. The clothes and linens and housewares that Mom and I had for sale ended up going to a donation center. It was crazy. There are some wildfires burning in the Great Dismal Swamp near us and the smoke from that was horrific yesterday morning. I'm sure that decreased the number of yard salers out, but really there was not nearly as many as there are usually. So, I am sad to report that my highly anticipated yard sale was not as successful as I had hoped, but our house is much cleaner, especially the garage, and we did make a little which will be a huge help when preparing for Addie's birthday party!

Addie is feeling much better today and is napping up before we head to Elizabeth City for a birthday party this afternoon! I promise to start taking some more pictures and have some recent ones posted of the little monkey! She is changing so much these days!

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