Monday, June 9, 2008

SURPRISE for the Mommies!

On our third day at the beach, Brian and Tim insisted that they needed to make a trip to the grocery store that morning, even though we had just gone the day before and there was really nothing in particular that we needed. Kristy and I both thought that was strange, but didn't think too much of it. When they returned, they told us to close our eyes and brought us downstairs to the little living room that was beside the pool. There on the table was a nice spread of fruit and chocolate and champagne. They told us that they would be taking the babies for the morning and that we would have a few hours "off"! They also told us that a lady would be showing up shortly to give us both a one hour massage! YIPPPEEEE!!!!!! I LOVE massages! It was wonderful. I went first and then got to relax by the pool afterwards with a gossipy magazine they had brought us from thier grocery store trip. It was so relaxing, and really so sweet of our guys to treat us to this most relaxing morning of the whole trip. Babies were fed and well taken care of when our pampering sessions were over!
Here we are waiting for our massage.......we were giddy and excited, and so happy to have a moment to ourselves!

Thanks Brian and Tim! You guys are keepers! Love you babe!

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