Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We are back!

Well, I don't believe we ever had a virus. I'm still not exactly sure what caused all the "mess" that was going on with our computer. I did manage to clear things up, somehow, so I am hoping we will remain up and working for atleast a little while. I'm definitely no computer whiz, so.....just keep your fingers crossed!

This past Saturday we went to Tim's Pop's 88th Birthday Party. What a reason to celebrate! He is doing so well, and we really enjoyed the time with his family. The picture above is of Addie and her cousins, Skylar and Lakyne. They don't get to see each other often, so when they do, it is really very cute!
Addie is going to spend the morning with Ga Ga (Tim's Mom) while I go to a dental appointment and take an hour or so to write one of the many papers I have due for this class I am taking. Im just not sure how anyone teaching full time is suppose to actually teach and get all the work done for this class. I guess I will find out since that is what every one else is doing that I take class with. Im trying to remain positive about it all, but have any of you ever been assigned a group project and one of the group members is extremely difficult to get along with and impossible to please?......well, then you feel my pain!


hbryant00 said...

Glad to hear that all is well with the computer. I have those nightmares too! Mainly for the same reason, PICTURES :) Do you guys have Microsoft Vista? That has given us similar problems so I was just curious...Addie looks too cute with her big cousins ;) Good luck with your paper!

teachaman2fish said...

So, suddenly caring about my education makes me "extremely difficult" and "impossible to please." I'm sorry that I care. Whatever.

Carrie Hewitt said...

I have no idea who wrote that last comment...teachaman2fish...never heard of him/her! How funny!