Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On the road to recovery...

Addie at the baby shower this past weekend...(I'll post more on that later...)

So I promise to be brutally honest when my friends start having babies. I will tell them exactly what it feels like to watch your baby hurt and cry. I will tell them how scary it is to know something is not "right", but still you have no idea how to fix things. I will warn them about the anxious feeling you get as you watch a doctor listen to her chest, or look in her ears, or shine a light down her throat. Because everyone loves to tell you how much you will love her, and how wonderful the years ahead will be...but they seem to forget to remind you that your worries are just beginning!
Addie has had a rough few nights. She isnt sleeping well, probably due to the nebulizer and steroid she is on, but she tosses and turns and moans every couple of hours. Tim and I are utterly exhausted. He is actually home from work a half day to day to help me and to get some rest himself. Last night, after waking in the middle of the night to do a breathing treatment and noticing that her eczema was acting up really bad on her poor little legs, I layed in bed and stared at the monitor, watching her struggle to sleep, praying that she would feel better soon, and worrying that I wasn't doing enough to help her. Once again, I called the doctor's office to get some of my questions answered and see if I needed to bring her in. After finally returning my call 6 hours later, the nurse calmed my nerves and told me that the side affects I am describing are totally normal. Addie does seem to be feeling better and is napping in her crib comfortably now. With Tim home, I was able to get my last paper written, and I am starting to feel a little less stressed. Thank you all for your prayers. I am sure we will need plenty of them to get us through this journey until we get a handle on her "asthma" problems and figure out what in the world she is allergic to.
So....for all you future mommies and daddies...get ready for the ride of your life.


Addie's Mamaw said...

Carrie, don't forget to tell the future mommies that worrying about your child is just part of being a Mommy. Having that love for your child makes all the worrying worth it. Could you imagine her not being in your life now? I know everything is going to be fine with my little girl. She has a very good Mommy and good doctors taking care of her.

hbryant00 said...

Oh my goodness Carrie! I hope Addie is feeling much better and will pray for both her and that you guys get some good R&R. It is horroble when they hurt and you can't help, I totally agree!!! But have no fear you are an excellent mommy :)Hope you girls had a great time in Richmond, I love the pictures of all of you guys and the little ones on Jaime's blog, looks like it was lots of fun and great prep work for Shannon too!!
Take care ;)