Sunday, September 7, 2008

Addie learns to color.....

at the BIG GIRL TABLE too!

Well, we survived Hurricane Hanna. My class was still cancelled, and other than a large limb from a neighbors tree that fell across the street, we didn't even really notice the storm. It was nice to spend the day with Addie and Tim instead of sitting in a windowless classroom! I can't complain. Addie learned to color but like most things these days, she grew tired of it quickly and decided she wanted to get into something else. She is all over the place these days, not walking but still all over the place! We finally lowered her crib all the way down today, so my tiny baby days are really over! It is always sad for me to do things like that. Even putting away some of the adorable little outfits that she grows out of so fast makes me sad! I have an incredibly busy week ahead with out-of-town friends, picture appointments, music class, yucky dr. appointments, 5:30 am Jazzercise Classes, and a gazillion birthdays coming up we have to prepare for!!!!!! Whew! I know I like to stay busy, but geez.......Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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