Thursday, September 11, 2008

Addie and Lily.....

Wow, our girls are growing up so fast! They got their pictures taken the other day, and they both have changed so much in the last year. Kristy and I were talking about how we hope they get a long as well as we do because we spend quite a bit of time with each other. They play together pretty well, however, neither one is too good at sharing yet! I secretly shot this picture with my digital camera when our photographer stepped out of the studio....don't think that is actually allowed, but I couldn't resist. That place was going to get plenty of our money, so I didn't feel too bad.
Addie is going to spend most of the day with my mom, her Mamaw, today. Im sure she will be spoiled rotten by the time I get home! Yesterday I counted 2 more teeth coming in at the top in the back of her mouth, so......hopefully, she won't be too much of a bear for Mom today!

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Addie's Mamaw said...

I enjoyed spending the day with Addie. Dave and I took her out for dinner. She was a perfect little lady!!! She just loves flirting with all the waitors.